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By Kristin Dos Santos Nov 04, 2014 2:00 PMTags
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Matt Bomer is back on TV! And Mindy and Danny. And Damon and Elena. And the most hated man ever on Scandal. And basically...I'm not leaving the couch the whole week because there's so much good TV to look forward to, so please send water and canned goods and toiletries. And chocolate. Thanks!

Here's the latest exclusive TV scoop, courtesy of your super awesome questions...

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Sara Sabulsky: Any scoop on when or how Damon and Elena's reuniting will go?! And how will Stefan deal with him coming back? #broment
From Vampire Diaries queen Julie Plec herself: "Now that Damon's finally back, he won't waste another second being without Elena.  But with her memories compelled away, she's not nearly as enthused by the prospect of seeing him.  Stefan was feeling lost, but the look on his face when Damon returned in last week's episode says it all.  The bond between these brothers is stronger than ever."  Julie adds, "When it comes to Damon, without the good, there's a whole lot of bad.  And Elena's still very much focused on that.  However, not knowing the full story of their relationship will eventually begin to gnaw at her, and she'll have to decide if that's something she can live with."

Danielle: Now that Bonnie sent Damon home, have we seen the last of Kai on The Vampire Diaries?
Doesn't sound like it! Christopher Wood, the totally sane (and hot!) guy behind the mass-murdering, family-killing sociopath, told us we're going to learn more about Kai's past. "We know that the reason that he's locked in this prison world is because he massacred his family," Wood said. "But we don't necessarily quite know much about what he was like before that incident. Was he a good kid? Was he normal? Did something happen to him? Or was he always difficult and challenging and this was just one of many things that happened? We'll learn more about that as the show goes on."

Theresa: I'm kind of scared by how much I'm loving Kai on The Vampire Diaries. What's he really up to?
We've been wondering that very same thing, so we went straight to the mass-murdering, sociopathic witch himself! "For me the most fun elements of Kai is learning what he can, can't and is trying to do," Chris Wood told us. "Nothing is ever what it seems with Kai and I think that his connection to Bonnie and Damon at the moment and what he wants to do and plans to do when he gets out of this prison world is going to be very exciting for fans to see."

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Jasmine: Forget Team Fitz and Team Jake, I'm Team Olivia! Girl needs to break away and be on her own for a bit, amiright?
Preach, although we love Scandal's Fitz and Jake for different reasons. Soon there  may be a new love interest in the mix by the name of Ian. He's described as "charismatic" and "intelligent." Now we're not saying if he'll be vibing with Olivia or somebody else, but there is potential there.

Gregory: How long will Abby's abusive ex-boyfriend be around?
Just one episode. Played by Battlestar star Michael Trucco. And he was her husband. Prepare to haaaaaaaaate on him!  He makes his appearance this week.

peaceloveeAngie: Anything on when Joshua Jackson character Cole finds out about what Alison is up to?? #SpoilerChat
Angie, do not miss the opening scene of this Sunday's episode of The Affair. That is all. (And stick around for the rest of the episode, too. S—t. Goes. Down.)

thisismydesignn: Any idea if/when we'll see more of @TimDeKay on #AgentsOfSHIELD? #SpoilerChat
When DeKay was cast, he was only set to appear in last week's episode. But we just learned that he's back for at least one more episode airing Nov. 18, and it's going to be a huge one for the warring Ward brothers! When Grant kidnaps his older brother, Senator Christian Ward, he takes him on a "violent trip down memory lane." Sounds like Christian is about to seriously regret his decision to have his younger brother transferred from S.H.I.E.L.D.'s high-tech bunker into FBI custody—allowing Ward to break free and escape government custody in that intense and epic fight scene. Thanks, big bro?

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Skylicity: I would like to know when will this #Olicity drought end... Cause we are literally dying here! LOL! #SpoilerChat #Arrow
Olicity fans might not be too happy to hear about the scoop we just received. In an upcoming episode of Arrow, Ray Palmer tries to take his working relationship with Felicity to the next level, and asks her out on a date! But no matter how "super" hot or adorable Ray is we'll always be Team Olicity, so you better check yourself, Ray.

Matt: Got any scoop on Resurrection?
Do we ever! We just heard a doozy of a spoiler, and trust us when we say it's time to stock up on Kleenex now. We hear a death is coming to the ABC drama, and this time, the victim might not come back as a Returned. As for who the unlucky victim is? Start speculating now! In less mysterious news, we are going to find out more about Bellamy's (Omar Epps) background and where his family is very soon.

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Francesca: So obsessed with The Originals this season! Scoop please...
Julie Plec
has this juicy tidbit for you: "All season long, it's been hard to tell whose side Kol is on. In an upcoming episode, we'll finally learn the one thing he really wants, and why Davina is the only person who can help him get it."

SamMonster52311 Please tell me how long Esther & Mikael will be on the The Originals or how long Delena will be separated? #Spoilerchat
Asking for two shows, huh? Eenie meenie minie…The Originals! We hope you like the Original parents, because Esther and Mikael are going to be a huge part of the rest of the season. "We're going to get into a lot of stuff like the family history, who these people are, and why this family is so important, plus a little bit of the origin of Esther and Mikael," executive producer Michael Narducci told us. "As we unpack those family secrets, in every cycle of violence there is an origin story and a beginning. The secrets buried within the secrets of this family are going to start to come out and they are fraught with the same complex conflicts that we have shown so far. There's a lot more coming."

Tom: Anything on Gotham?!
Casting is currently underway for the role of Detective Delaware, a twentysomething guy with a very specific physical appearance. Get this: the Fox drama is looking for a "gangly man with a face like a meatball sub." Um, okay? Dt. Delaware is also described as a cocky, corrupt officer with a fragile machismo at the GCPD, and expect him to stir up a lot of trouble.


Mara: I need a new show to start watching, got any suggestions?
How about the best show you're not watching…Red Band Society! We've even got some scoop on this charming Fox drama to help get you into it. Remember how we revealed that Disney starlet Bella Thorne would be checking in as a pop star, Delaney, who's being treated for "exhaustion?" Now we know that she's going to have romantic interactions with Dash—but when Jordi hits her up to try and get a recording contract, sparks. Will. Fly. Plus, get this: Nurse Jackson's backstory involves singing, and we'll see that amazingness unfold very soon!

Mark: Anything for Supernatural?
We were just at the 200th episode screening and party celebrating the past 10 seasons ofSupernatural, and we can honestly say we've never seen anything like the 200th episode. If you loved "The French Mistake," then you'll absolutely love "Fan Fiction," since it really takes "meta" to a whole other level! "I'm excited to see the fan reaction to it," executive producer Jeremy Carver told us. "We had a lot of fun with the episode. We took some risks and every time we do, we wonder if we've gone too far or if we've gone far enough. It's fun for us to be on the edge of our seat and wonder how if the fans are going to like it as much as you do. But we think it's a real fitting, slightly subversive salute to 200 episodes. I'm excited."

Tess: I love Zed so much more than Liv on Constantine. Please tell me she's sticking around?
You're in luck! We're going to be seeing quite a lot more of John Constantine's new sidekick, and we're as excited about it as you are, since she can kick some serious butt. "I hope the fans really like what I'm portraying as Zed, because I don't know of many Latina women playing a superhero," Angelica Celaya, the fierce woman behind Zed, told us. "I just really want them to feel represented and I want women out there to feel that they can be more than just a sensitive flower. They can kick ass and hold their own! And even though we're dealing with a very science fiction, comic, supernatural show, within all that there is a powerful woman who stays true to her beliefs and starts carving out her own destiny and I hope women are inspired by her."

Isabella Vosmikova/FOX

natcfc: mindy project! #spoilerchat :)

That :) will get even bigger when Allison Tolman steps on board tonight! She is Peter's new love interest. He's an ass, but we hope she sticks around longer than the two contracted episodes! We hit the set to talk with the whole cast and have 7 spoilers to reveal, so check back in an hour! So happy this show is back in our lives and Fox, seriously, enough with the hiatuses. Our Mindy-loving hearts can't take it. 

HannahP: How dark is this week's American Horror Story?
You guys, this is the week of the Matt Bomer guest spot, and you might not sleep ever again. Ryan Murphy wasn't kidding when he said it's perhaps the most disturbing thing they've ever done. Blergity blergh blergh. Also, Dell's backstory will explain why he is so tormented. 

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