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The weekend may be over, but it's also the best day of the year: the day we get an extra hour. Some may take that extra hour for sleep. We used it to watch more TV. We also used every other hour for TV, but that's what Sundays are for, right? Tonight, The Walking Dead took a trip to the hospital, and it was even less fun than trips to the hospital usually are. Meanwhile, on Revenge, David Clarke punched our favorite character in the face, and we may never forgive him. Join us for tonight's Rants and Raves!

RANT: The Walking Dead: Well, we finally know where Beth is. All this time, she's been in a hospital in Atlanta, first as a patient and then as a nurse. At first, it seemed like the hospital wasn't too bad, until we learned that the cops who protect the hospital essentially get to abuse its occupants in exchange for the protection.  It was gross.

RAVE: The Walking Dead: At least Beth made a nice new friend at the hospital. His name is Noah, and he escaped! Beth was not so lucky, as she was captured by the guards, but Noah made it out, and hopefully he can hook up with the gang and help get Beth rescued before he dies the horrible death that usually befalls nice people on this show.

RAVE: The Walking Dead: Or, maybe Noah doesn't have to. After her failed escape, when things seemed absolutely horrible for Beth, we were happy to see Carol being brought in as a new patient, which hopefully means there's a plan in place for her rescue! 



RAVE: Revenge: At first we had thought that David Clarke actually being alive was sort of hokey and ridiculous, but honestly, this show has never been better, and is one of our favorite things every week. Who could have possibly expected David to lash out at Nolan like that, on live TV, accusing him of cheating his daughter out of millions of dollars? We felt bad for Nolan, especially as David was actually physically beating him, but damn was that riveting to watch.  

RAVE: Revenge: Emily figured out that her father was lying about Conrad imprisoning him by noticing a lack of rust around the bed he was supposedly imprisoned in. Emily is a genius.

RAVE: The Affair: This show is almost painfully addicting. While this week was almost entirely just Noah and Alison going at it, we did get one little hint of something fishy going on: the detective is lying to somebody. He tells Noah he barely sees his kids since the divorce, and Alison gets a story about how he and his wife are still happily married. This is our new favorite mystery show.

RAVE: Real Housewives of New Jersey: Andy Cohen never fails to give us good TV, even when Teresa is refusing to answer his questions. She even dramatically walked off at one point when he asked too many things about her family. 



RAVE: Homeland: Just when we were pretty sure we could not take any more of Carrie and Aayan's creepy weird gross relationship, the kid gets killed. Aayan led the CIA right to Haqqani, and they had a clear shot to take him out, until hostage Saul got in the way. Carrie was about to make them take the shot anyway (and we were about to throw our TVs against the wall) until Quinn knocked some sense into her. Then, Haqqani shot the kid after telling him that Carrie was using him. So now Carrie's asset/sex buddy is dead, Saul is the hostage of a horrible terrorist, and we might actually be back on board.

RAVE: Homeland: We might be weird, but it gives us great joy whenever a person orchestrates their own attack/murder/capture (on TV, anyway). In this case, Carrie had herself captured in order to send Aayan running to his uncle. We just like twists! 

RANT: Once Upon a Time: Family business, indeed! We've ranted before about this show's complicated family tree, and it just keeps getting worse. The Snow Queen is Elsa and Anna's aunt, and is trying to use Elsa and Emma to replace the sisters she has lost while casting a spell with the magic mirror on the rest of Storybrooke to make them turn on each other. What?

RANT: Once Upon a Time: Belle is partly responsible for the Snow Queen abducting Emma? Too many plot points on this show happened in the past! 

Julianna Margulies, Christine Baranski, The Good Wife


RAVE: The Good Wife: David Hyde Pierce, welcome back to TV. Please take Alicia down a few pegs. We love her, but she needs a challenge and one that's in the form of this Frasier scene-stealer is more than OK with us. Can his character beat Alicia in the State's Attorney race? We kind of hope so because the dynamic between Alicia and Diane is the best part of the show.

RANT: The Good Wife: Finn quit his now what? Still waiting for his purpose to be truly revealed and his character to be fleshed out.

RAVE: The Good Wife: The Lemond Bishop storyline slow burn has been years in the making and as much as we want to know exactly what is happening and how deep the corruption does—Did Peter have something to do with it?!—it's nice when a TV show takes its time to tell stories.

So what did you watch tonight? Rant and rave with us in the comments!

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