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Can 15 strangers create a perfect new society?

Apparently, the answer is no. After just two months, Fox has pulled the plug on its high-concept reality experiment that was supposed to spend a year following a group of real people trying to combine their ideals and create their perfect world.

The cancellation is not a surprise, given that the series already lost its Tuesday timeslot and was only airing on Friday nights after ratings dropped to around 1.5 million, after premiering to around 4 million. Reviews were also pretty abysmal, and the show continues to claim the "most hated" spot in our ranking of the new fall shows. Only 20% of voters claimed to love the show.  

A statement on the show's website from producers confirmed the cancellation:

"Thank you for your support since the start of UTOPIA. We greatly appreciate it. However, the Utopia project -- including the internet streams -- will no longer continue. … On behalf of the pioneers, the crew and Fox, thank you for joining us on this great adventure."  

Last week's episode was the last to air, and starting next week, encores of Masterchef Junior will take its place on Friday nights. While we are not shocked to see the show go, we will sort of miss its ridiculous host and completely insane participants, and it's too bad we'll never get to see what kind of "perfect society" they might have ended up with.

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