And the Next Canceled New Show Will Be...

We're giving you the rundown on how all of the new fall shows are doing, from A to Z to Utopia

By Tierney Bricker, Chris Harnick Nov 03, 2014 4:00 PMTags
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No more Mr. Nice Network.

Every season, the five broadcast networks roll out their new series, lavishing praise and promotion on the shows...until they premiere. Then they are on their own.

ABC has already made the first cut of the season, canceling low-rated rom-com Manhattan Love Story after just four episodes, with NBC then axing Bad Judge and A to Z. Fox was next, pulling the plug on Utopia, its social experimeny-gone-wrong, and there are sure to be more cancellations to come very soon. Hey, for every How to Get Away With Murder (which was the highest-rated debut of the fall), there's a Utopia, you know?

But what will be the next series to head to the TV show graveyard? We looked at each of  the new shows' buzz, ratings and reviews to predict the next casualty of the fall TV season, ranking them from least likely to most likely to be canceled. Click through our new gallery below to find out which shows you should start preparing eulogies for!