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Well, this is one way to punish your child.

These parents in Las Vegas decided to have a little fun with their son by telling him he has a deadly disease that has the entire planet on high alert. Understandably, he doesn't take it so well.

After taking his temperature, his mother shows the results to the father offscreen, who just says: "Oh, hell no! He got Ebola!"

The boy immediately bursts into tears while the younger brother runs off like, "Bye. I am out! I don't want Ebola."

The video, which was uploaded to the Instagram account of the boy's uncle, quickly went viral. And since many people criticized the parents for their cruel prank, his uncle posted a message to his Instagram explaining that the boy had joked around with his parents first by telling them he had Ebola, so they decided to teach him a lesson for lying about having the disease:


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Another video was uploaded with the uncle asking the boy three questions to prove that the parents aren't horrible monsters trying to trick their kid into thinking he has Ebola: 

"You get grades in school? You got Ebola? You think you got bad parents?" the uncle asks. Each question gets a "no" from the little boy.

So now that you have the full story, do you think this was all just a silly prank to teach a boy not to "cry wolf?" Or was this cruel and heartless regardless of the motive?

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