Mischa's Prom Dress Is to Die For

By Marc Malkin Jul 27, 2007 12:20 AMTags
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Talk about a killer dress!

In one of Barton's last scenes on The O.C. before her character, Marissa Cooper, was killed in a car crash, she wore a Camelia dress from Chanel's Spring 2006 collection (like the one above seen on model Gemma Ward) to her senior prom.

Get this—there were only two such Camelia dresses available in the U.S. and six others around the world.

Until recently, Decadestwo, the chic Los Angeles boutique I told you about just last week that's a favorite of celebs like Winona Ryder, Ali Larter and Kristin Davis, had one of them for sale.

But it was sold to a woman from overseas who couldn't live without it. She snatched it up for just $6,000 after she ruined the one she already owned (and paid $18,000 for) when she—gulp!—spilled red wine on it.

Whereabouts of the one Barton actually wore are unknown. It was on loan to The O.C. and returned to Chanel after filming.

Meanwhile, Decadestwo also just unloaded one of its recent prized acquisitions. A white jersey Gucci gown designed by Tom Ford was snatched up for $3,800. Originally owned by Houston socialite Becca Cason-Thrash, the frock features a skin-baring hip cutout and a matching—what else?—gold-plated G-string!