Yum! The Walking Dead's Hot Cannibal Gives Human BBQ Tips and Spills What His Costars Taste Like

Exclusive! Andrew J. West also reveals which costar yelled obscenities at him between takes

By Kristin Dos Santos Oct 30, 2014 8:29 PMTags
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We're having a Bob-B-Q and you're all invited...

Just click on the video above!

Yup, we just sat down for a nice meat-gasm with Andrew J. West, the guy known to Walking Dead fans as Gareth, the horribly awful cannibal who terrorized everyone for the first three episodes, before getting hacked to pieces. He also cut off Bob's leg and ate it in front of him, before learning it was tainted meat, as Bob had already been bitten by a zombie. And naturally, it made us huuuuuuungry

Not only did the handsome (oh shut up, you were thinking it, too) and charismatic 27-year-old actor give some really great BBQ tips, he also played a funny and totally appropriate game of: "What Do Your Costars Taste Like?!" We had those same stars—Andrew Lincoln, Norman Reedus, etc.—tell us what they really tasted like, and you can see how Mr.  West scored in the video above!

Gene Page/AMC

And good news for Gareth lovers: Andrew also hinted that we might not have seen the last of him. "I think Rick was pretty thorough with [that machete]," West said, referencing Gareth's demise in the church in the latest episode. Gareth is definitely dead. "But you know, you saw Herschel come back in a flashback. You saw Lori come back in a hallucination scene. So you never know where Gareth might pop up down the line."

Especially since we never really got to see the flashback story of how Gareth and his family transitioned from being the cattle to the butcher, right? Inquiring (sick) minds wanna know all about that. 

Andrew also talked about working closely with Norman Reedus and Andrew Lincoln. And you can hear why Andrew Lincoln was throwing out some obscenities at Andrew J. West between takes in this video right here...

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Thanks for playing along, Mr. Lincoln! Here's hoping we get more Gareth in flashacks ahead...