Jim Carrey

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Ladies who are interested in Jim Carrey, there is something you should know.

The Dumb and Dumber To actor appeared on the Howard Stern Show Tuesday morning where the conversation quickly turned to love and relationships.

And when asked if he would ever consider marriage again, Carrey had little to no hesitation in his answer

"I just don't see it as necessary at this point," he shared with Howard Stern. "Is it really sacred? I don't know.

Carrey was previously married to Lauren Holly for one year and Melissa Womer for eight years.

When Stern shared his surprise over the actor's decision not to marry former girlfriend Jenny McCarthy, Carrey responded, "Yah, I don't do that."

Today, the actor admits that having relationships is still important and he still appreciates a great woman. But after being in the industry for so many years, he's learned a few things about love in the spotlight.

"If you hook up with someone who is famous, you become a sellable commodity and that's the most important thing in those magazines," he confessed. "It's not what you're doing in the movie. It's who you are with, what are you doing, are you breaking up?"

And for all those hopeful romantics who still think Carrey could change his mind, think again. When Stern asked if the perfect (and we mean perfect) girl came along, would the 52-year-old ever consider putting a ring on it, Carrey revealed the truth.

"I can't say that I know how I would feel if I meet somebody that knocks my head off," he said. "I can't make hard fast rules about the future but I wouldn't voluntarily go that way."

Can't say he didn't warn you, ladies. 

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