Georgian House Hotel, Harry Potter Rooms

Courtesy: Georgian House Hotel

Muggles, ready your portkeys!

It's time for Harry Potter fans to get excited to travel. Why you ask? Well, now you can stay at Hogwarts! (Sorta.)

The 163-year-old Georgian House Hotel near London's Victoria Station has introduced rooms that resemble the School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. From personalized wizarding packages to portion bottles and spell books, this hotel is every Potterheads dream come true.

Guests can even receive tours of areas where the films were shot and a trip to the Warner Bros. Studio for the Making of Harry Potter tour.

Serena von der Heyde, partner at the Georgian House told The Independent, "The Georgian House Hotel places great emphasis on welcoming families and I really wanted to create something fun for young visitors."

J.K. Rowling


While the hotel gives Potter fanatics a chance to pretend they got the hat they wanted for their favorite house, staying at the themed getaway comes with a pretty hefty price.

Prices for rooms start at £249 ($400) per night, for a three-person room and £363 ($600) for a five-person chamber. We guess that being obsessed with Hermione, Harry and Ron isn't cheap!

This opening of the rooms couldn't come at a better time. J.K. Rowling announced recently that she is working on a new story to surprise fans with on Halloween. The story is all about Harry Potter fans' biggest nemesis—the obnoxious Dolores Umbridge.

The Defense Against the Dark Arts teacher is one of the most hated Potter characters. She first appeared in the fifth book, Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix, and fans couldn't wait to see her go.

The new story will be available on the Pottermore website. Just another reason to be excited for Friday!

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