The Walking Dead


Sunday, that's our funday – mostly because of all the crazy good dramas that refuse to take a break even when some sort of sports thing is happening somewhere. Tonight, The Walking Dead said a sad goodbye, Once Upon a Time made us go "Huuuuuh?" in a Tim "The Toolman" Taylor sort of way, and Boardwalk Empire went out with a literal and well-deserved bang. Join us for our TV rants and raves!

RANT: The Walking Dead: RIP Bob. We thought he was surely a goner after last week's cliffhanger, but we were only half right. Partway through their meal – a nicely roasted leg of Bob – he sort of gleefully revealed to the Terminians that he had been bitten at the food bank, and that they were eating "tainted meat." They all freaked, and Gareth promptly dumped him back at the church. This led to some heartbreaking moments this week as the gang said goodbye to their resident optimist, Sasha sat with him as he died, and Tyreese stabbed him in the head to prevent zombifying.  

RAVE: The Walking Dead: Cliffhanger alert! Who did Daryl tell to "C'mon out?" Was it Carol? Was it Beth?! Was it a cute puppy brought on to help cheer everybody up?! We cannot wait to find out.

RAVE: The Walking Dead: Michonne got her katana back! All is now right with the world.

RANT: The Walking Dead: The group split up again! Haven't they figured out that that never works out too well for them? 

RANT: The Walking Dead: That was some insane violence tonight, as Rick and the gang sliced and hacked the Terminians to death in the middle of the church. This show can get away with a lot, and our stomachs often struggle to handle it.

Boardwalk Empire


RAVE: Boardwalk Empire: Au revoir, Boardwalk Empire. Way to go out with a perfect reveal: Joe Harper was actually Tommy Darmody, and was intent on killing Nucky, which is exactly what he did, right in the middle of the crowded boardwalk. That ending could not have been more fitting.

RANT: Homeland: WHO GAVE YOU PERMISSION TO PUT SAUL IN DANGER?! Because it certainly was not us, and we were certainly not happy to see him bound and gagged in that car. If Saul dies, we’re done for real.

RANT/RAVE: Homeland: Thank you, Quinn, for saying to Carrie what we all wanted to say to Carrie after last week’s episode (and the beginning of this week’s). “To me it looks like you’re f**king a child. Is there no line?” At least her seduction seemed to work a little, since Aayan admitted his uncle is alive. Hopefully his info can help save Saul!

RANT: Once Upon a Time: The Frozen storyline is whatever, but whaaaaat the Snow Queen was one of Emma’s foster mothers?!  It’s true, according to a video on Emma’s newly found camcorder. Apparently the already ridiculous OUAT family tree just got even more complicated.  



RANT: Revenge: For a second, we thought Charlotte had come to her senses and was about to tell David the truth about Emily. Then, she brought him to Jack's house to introduce him to Carl and make him look at wedding photos of his dead "daughter." So cruel. Meanwhile, Emily showed up to find Victoria waiting for her. Like mother like daughter, we guess.

RAVE: Revenge: David moved back into his old beach house and listened to the song he and Emily used to dance to when she was little. Then, he voiceover'd for a bit about getting revenge for the death of his daughter, while she was actually standing just a few hundred yards away. It was almost too much to take, but we hope this sets him on the path towards figuring out the truth(s)! 

RANT: Revenge: We see you, Revenge, trying to make Daniel and Margeaux and Mental Hospital Lady relevant to anything. We still don't care.

RAVE: The Affair: While we still don't know who is dead, we do know that in that future where someone is dead, Noah is married to somebody, and that Alison's boss is not dead, but Noah believes he could be a suspect. We also know that Noah pitched a book about a guy who has an affair with a waitress and eventually kills her, which is quite interesting. Who is dead, though, and why is there not more Joshua Jackson on this show?

The Good Wife


How much do we love The Good Wife? Oh let us count the ways…

RAVE: The Good Wife: Carrie Preston, Ana Gasteyer and Linda Lavin in one episode? We're not worthy of this, The Good Wife. In our opinion, more Ana Gasteyer would've been great, but we'll take what we can get.

RAVE: The Good Wife; Carrie Preston's Elsbeth Tascioni and her obsession with Carly Rae Jepsen's now two-year-old Call Me Maybe? Wonderful. Elsbeth's puffy shirt from the Seinfeld collection? Wonderful. Carrie Preston as Elsbeth Tascioni? Wonderful. Loved seeing her stick it to Kyle MacLachlan's character. A little lust can't stop her!

RANT: The Good Wife: Alicia and Kalinda were on the phone with each other three different times…yet no scene together. Before Archie Panjabi leaves, we need resolution! Please and thank you.

RAVE: The Good Wife: Props to The Good Wife for talking about God in an open manner, representing both sides of religious discussion. You don't see TV shows doing this at all.

RAVE: The Good Wife: Diane Lockhart and Kalinda got the old Lockhart/Gardner and Canning offices back thanks to Howard Lyman (he's like The Good Wife's MVP at this point). The final scene of Alicia and Diane walking through the trashed offices was the definition of poignant. The tender moment between the two ladies as they looked at Will's old office was beyond words. As Alicia sat down at the desk and Diane watched…let's just say there were some tears falling over here.

What did you watch tonight? Rant and rave with us in the comments!

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