Taylor Swift, 1989 Album Cover

'Cause the leakers gonna leak, leak, leak, leak, leak...

Unfortunately, Taylor Swift's fear of having her highly anticipated pop album 1989 leaked online came true just a few days before its official release (it hits stores this Monday). The first song to hit YouTube was "Blank Space," which was yanked by her label Big Machine Records within hours.

New York magazine reports that some of the leaks could have stemmed from Target because hackers nabbed not only the 13 main tracks off 1989, but the 19 songs crafted exclusively for the Target edition.

Meanwhile, the mag's online presence Vulture is pointing fingers at France, or at least somewhere French-speaking. "If you downloaded the original leak, you'll see that song titles are missing and in their place there are a slew of numbered ‘pistes,'" Lindsey Weber writes, explaining that "piste" is French for "track." Furthermore, the album shows up at "Album inconnu" ("unknown album") in iTunes.

While the status of some leaks remain unknown, her entire album currently continues to live on an anonymous Tumblr page, and is accessible to anyone who happens to get their hands on the password.

Taylor's fanbase are standing by her release date and opting not to have an early listen. But if you choose to jump the gun and support the leak, know that you will face their wrath.

You've been warned.

The important thing here is that Taylor is OK.

"I don't even wanna talk about it. I don't trust technology," Swift recently said during a pre-taped appearance on Alan Carr: Chatty Man, aired in the UK. "I don't want to talk about leaks. It freaks me out. I will have a meltdown on the show."

Uh-oh. It's all good, Tay. Just shake it off.

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