This grown woman was really upset and in tears because she woke up from getting her wisdom teeth removed to find out that she doesn't look like Nicki Minaj.

And on the complete opposite side of the disappointed spectrum is this little girl, who is really upset because she just found out she'll never meet President George Washington.

According to the YouTube description, Ava is four years old and home schooled. They just finished their studies of early American history and this adorable girl became very fond of George Washington. Unfortunately, her mom had to break it to her that GW is not our current president because he's been dead for more than 200 years.

And that's when Ava totally lost it.

Mom begs her not to be sad, but what do you expect when she just found out that the first President of the United States is no longer alive?!

Her mother also offers up a consolation prize: trying to meet the current president, Barack Obama. But Ava is just not having that. When her mom asks why she doesn't want to meet Obama, Ava's response is perfect:

"George Washington!"

We salute you, Ava, and your patriotic ways. 

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