Domenica Scorsese

Jahmani Perry

Watch out, Martin Scorsese! Your daughter Domenica is moving in on your turf.

Not only is Domenica, 30, an actress, she's also a director. She's currently working on putting together her feature-film directorial debut (she's directed two shorts). But she's being tight-lipped. "We are quietly prepping and more will be revealed," is all she'll say. 

However, Domenica is more than happy to talk about her current project—costarring as a pregnant teenager in Downtown: A Street Tale, an indie flick about a group of homeless kids in New York City. Preparing for the role included visiting Children of the Night, a Los Angeles organization that fights underage prostitution.

"I tried to come from a place of compassion about their situations and look at their behavior," Domenica says. "A lot of what I was doing was trying to listen and watch them walk that path." 

The movie premieres tomorrow night in New York City and next Monday in Los Angeles. 

Domenica grew up in New York and Los Angeles. Her mom is artist and writer Julia Cameron, author of the bestselling The Artist's Way. Domenica has appeared in her dad's films, including The Age of Innocence and Cape Fear. "I absolutely loved working with him," she says of her father. "One of the happiest, happiest moments in terms of acting was getting to work on Age of Innocence." But that doesn't mean Domenica isn't getting his input on projects he's not connected to. "My father is an incredible mentor and teacher," she says, adding, "I do go to him, and I also go to other people that have experience in the field. I'm at a place of learning and asking for guidance."
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