Who Wore it Best? Supernatural's Castiel vs. Constantine's John Constantine

Who wears the trench coat better: Misha Collins or Matt Ryan? The trench coat-wearers themselves weigh in!

By Sydney Bucksbaum Oct 25, 2014 3:00 AMTags
Matt Ryan, Misha Collins, Constantine, SupernaturalJack Rowand/The CW; Quantrell Colbert/NBC

Supernatural fans have seen Castiel, an angel played by Misha Collins, rocking the same outfit for six seasons now on the CW hit series. 

The angel with free will has become known for his khaki trench coat, black suit, white button down shirt and blue tie. In fact, when he was human for a brief stint in season nine, he was forced to throw away his dirty uniform when he only had enough cash to buy food and not do his laundry...and fans were not happy seeing Cas in regular, human clothes! 

It was like seeing Santa rocking blue jeans...aka not pretty at all. 

The CW

But did you know that Castiel's outfit was not an original costume? Supernatural creator Eric Kripke actually based Castiel's coat, suit and tie look off of John Constantine, a character from the popular DC Comics series Hellblazer.

And now, with NBC's new show Constantine (also based off Hellblazer) which just premiered tonight, there are now going to be two supernatural dudes wearing the exact same outfit on TV!

Matt Ryan stars as John Constantine in the new comic book show, and we are already obsessed with him as the master of the occult and demon hunter. But since we're so used to see Castiel in Constantine's outfit, as we have for the past six years, we're having a hard time deciding who wears the trench coat better!

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So we figured, why not ask Collins and Ryan themselves? And wouldn't you know it, they both gave the same answer—they each chose themselves!

"I haven't seen it actually, Supernatural," Ryan told E! News. "But since [John Constantine] was created in 1985, it's his signature thing. Since John has been around longer, it's John Constantine. Has to be."

When Collins heard what Ryan told us, he sent us a very eloquent email with his rebuttal. 

"Dearest E!

I am writing you because my friends at the NSA sent me a copy of [what] Matt Ryan [told] you in which he claims to wear the iconic trench coat/suit/tie trifecta better than me. I must confess, I do not know Mr. Ryan personally and while he obviously is a more strapping, more chiseled, better looking young man than yours truly, I think the question of who "wears the suit better" is moot. To my mind, this entire question is absurd. It's like asking which work of art is better? Piccasso's original "Seated Woman" or an excellent forged reproduction of the same work. No collector would ever seriously entertain this line of inquiry. The first would fetch tens of millions at auction, the second might only fetch a prison sentence. It's like comparing the dew-swept grasses on the bluffs of Scotland to the astroturf in the planter at a mini-mall. No sane person would draw a parallel. 

All of that said, some readers might point out that when Castiel was introduced on Supernatural the script described his wardrobe as "a rumpled suit and trench coat… A la Constantine." In other words, Castiel's wardrobe was inspired by—or more accurately, stolen from—the comic book version of Constantine. I don't get bogged down in these trivial details, though.


Well, since these two couldn't agree, we're still stuck. That's why we're opening the floor to you! Vote in our poll below to let us know who you think wears the trench coat better: Cas or Constantine?


Castiel or Constantine?

Who wears the trench coat better?
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Also, let us know what you thought of Constantine's series premiere!



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