Andrew Garfield: Why I Won't Talk About Girlfriend Emma Stone

Actor opens about about privacy and blasts nude photo leak scandal

By Brett Malec Oct 23, 2014 9:40 PMTags
Watch: Andrew Garfield Sounds Off on Nude Photo Scandal

Don't expect Andrew Garfield to spill any intimate details of his relationship with Emma Stone anytime soon.

While the 31-year-old actor says he understands people's interests, it doesn't mean the Amazing Spider-Man star is going to change his super-private ways.

"I understand why people are interested in the personal lives of people who are in public more than those that aren't. I do understand that," Garfield told E! News exclusively at last night's 2014 GQ Gentlemen's Ball in NYC. "I have a deep understanding of that. Just for me, it's not something that I...I don't want it in my life, so I do everything I can to deflect it and say no to it, because I think people forge that, ‘Oh, this is my life, and this is your life, and that's your life.'"


He added, "Sometimes then you just have to disappoint people and say, ‘Well, no. No thank you. Thank you for asking and thank you for your interest and no.'"

Speaking of privacy, Garfield is once again sounding off on the nude photos leak scandal that targeted dozens of Hollywood stars.

"There really isn't an argument—two consenting adults sharing intimate...I even feel sick talking about it. Intimacy between two people, unless it's being consciously shared with the world, is not the world's property," he dished. "And this argument that, ‘Well, you chose to be an actor and you chose to take a picture and you chose to send it to your f--king wife or your boyfriend or your whatever'...What the f--k? The argument against it baffles me and scares me because there's no humanity in that side of the argument. There's no compassion in that side of the argument. It's so simple to me. It's like, those pictures aren't yours, those images aren't yours, and you have no right to them. It's a violation, it's just a violation."