Do You Trust Sleepy Hollow's Horseman of War? John Noble Wants to Be Your Attorney In This Hilarious Legal Ad

Exclusive! Henry Parish wants to wage war for you, all in the name of justice!

By Sydney Bucksbaum Oct 22, 2014 9:13 PMTags
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The Horseman of War has been busy on Sleepy Hollow, making his way through the cursed town as an unassuming attorney, making promises to the townsfolk that sound too good to be true.

So how does the Horseman of War get so many people to trust him? Well, it certainly helps that he looks like John Noble!

We've got an exclusive, Halloween-themed Sleepy Hollow video that shows just how Henry Parish—aka Ichabod Crane's (Tom Mison) evil son, Jeremy—has gotten so many clients in such a short amount of time.

Watch the hilarious (fake) legal ad below:

How bizarrely fun is that?! From the old school graphics to the Halloween music to the dramatic camera angles, it looks exactly like those late-night infomercials you see all the time for small-time lawyers in real life!

Hey, if you saw this ad late at night and were a resident of Sleepy Hollow, we wouldn't blame you for calling up Henry for legal aid! In that supernatural town, regular lawyers just won't cut it.

But will Henry really help you, or will the Horseman just give you more legal nightmares?

Sleepy Hollow airs Mondays at 9 p.m. on Fox.