Whether you were Team Pacey or Team Dawson no longer matters, because we are all Team Puppy!

Dawson's Creek was a late-'90s gem, and now, Dachshund's Creek is bringing back the Capeside crew with the most adorable spoof. But instead of James Van Der Beek, Joshua Jackson, Katie Holmes and Michelle Williams showing all the angst and drama that comes with being a teenager, this #pawsome parody features a cast of wiener dogs!

Dachshund's Creek, a MichaelImmerman.com creation, uses dialogue from original WB show (which aired from 1998 to 2003) as the vocals for their sausage dog stars. The darling dachshunds recreate Dawson's Creek's iconic opening by the water—to the tune of Paua Cole's "I Don't Want to Wait," of course—and the four-legged entertainers also depict all the highs and lows of high school life in a small town.

Dachshund's Creek


In one scene, Dawson Leery (played by Gandalf the dachshund) struggles to comprehend as Joey Potter (Winnie) insists their childhood friendship might be turning into something else. "Things change," says dog Joey in an excerpt of Holmes' original dialogue.

"What are you talking about?" asks dog Dawson, set to Van Der Beek's original audio.

"I have breasts, and you have genitalia!" exclaims Joey, and when Dawson tries to tell her he's "always had genitalia," she retorts, "But there's more of it!"

Dawson realizes this new territory "is all so complicated," and thus, his melodramatic struggles begin! Dachshund's Creek even rehashes Pacey Witter's scandalous affair with high school teacher Miss Jacobs—including when the once-virginal teen (played by Mocha the dachshund) first does the deed. Scandalous!

But that's not all...Dachshund's Creek recreates the moment where Joey and dog Jen Lindley meet for the first time. The sultry new girl (played by Aurora the weenie) is blond and a little mysterious. Joey is jealous and ready to stir up trouble, even asking the out-of-towner about her sexual history. "So, Jen, are you a virgin?" she asks haughtily.  "Well, uh, 'cause Dawson is a virgin, and two virgins really makes for a clumsy first encounter, don't you think?"

Oh, boy. It's tough growing up in a dog-eat-dog world—kid or canine! In any case, Dachshund's Creek is pretty darn cute.

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