Katie Holmes Shares Her Quirkiest Beauty Tips—Watch Now!

Katie Holmes talks Halloween plans and reveals quirky beauty secrets

By Nicole Adlman Oct 23, 2014 12:20 AMTags
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Actress Katie Holmes has a few beauty tips for moms-on-the-move. And we have to admit—they're a little out there.

E! News recently caught up with the actress during a photo shoot for her new partnership with Alterna Hair Care. Holmes appeared casual and comfortable as she shared her funky beauty shortcuts, sporting an oversized gray sweatshirt and straight, healthy-looking locks.

"If I don't have any mascara then I lick my fingers and go like that, which is kind of gross," Holmes quipped, pretending to use her fingers as mascara wands. "If I have really bad hair and I have no products, then I use baby oil—a little bit. And if I have no lipstick and I do have a raspberry, then I put some of that on."

In reality, the actress has a go-to beauty regime that includes washing her hair daily and using hair-sparing moisture treatments.

"I use the new Milk [product] that Alterna made," Holmes said. "You put that in after a shower—it has vitamin D in it so it's good for your hair—and it really also creates that shine. If you blowdry after that it looks like a good blow-out. Like, ‘Ooo, a home blow-out!'"

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Katie also shared her love for the holidays, especially Halloween. While Holmes doesn't yet know what she will be this year, it likely won't be in theme with what daughter Suri Cruise, 8, will wear.

"I don't think it's cheesy but probably not," she said, referring to matching mother-daughter costumes. "I might go old school and wear a 'Happy Halloween' sweatshirt."

The 35-year-old mom has recently become bicoastal, and is enjoying splitting her time in Los Angeles and New York.

"We have a place in both cities—we're really lucky. I love California and New York. They both offer so much and there are such amazing artists and people in both places," she said.

So we have to ask: would you use a raspberry in lieu of lipstick?