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Zoe Saldana may appear in glamorous gowns at numerous red carpet events, but the pregnant star revealed she hated 'girly' things as a kid.

During her appearance on The Queen Latifah Show earlier today, the actress talked a bit about her childhood after sharing what she loved to dress up as for Halloween.

"Every year I was a ninja," Saldana, who is expecting twin boys with husband Margo Perego, told the audience. "My little sister was a cute little bug. Every year she was either a butterfly or caterpillar or something. My mom would really have fun with my older sister and she would be either Cleopatra or Nefertiti or the rocker chick. And it's like, Zoe, what do you want to be? A ninja. It wasn't very fun. But I guess I was always…I don't know, I was very stunty. I liked playing with boys. The healthy way when I was younger, of course."

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She joked, "The PG-13 way, come on. Now it's a different way [gestures at baby bump].

"But I was always adventurous. And anything that felt too feminine and girly, like 'don't get up because you have this beautiful dress. And I don't want you to mess up the dress.' I would look at my mom, like, come on now. What's the point of bringing me into a kiddie birthday to put me me in a dress and tell me I can't play with the kids. Are you out of your mind? I would take off the dress, give it to my mom and go run around in my panties."

LOL! However, things weren't so funny when Zoe also revealed that she was bullied as a child, but explained that with the help of her mother, she was able to overcome it the best way possible.

"It was really hard. Because I love women. There was for a long time in my life when I was younger, I sort of gave up on trying to find female friends. Because girls can some times be a little too mean with each other. And I don't know where it comes from, as opposed to us uniting, we tend to pick each other apart. It was very, very difficult. I remember my mom always stood by us," she said.

Zoe Saldana

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"She would talk it through. She never uplifted us by putting some one else down. See, she would try to make us understand, look there is probably something going on in their lives, or you need to understand, as a person, nobody bullies when they're happy.

"So the bully is the unhappiest person around you at that moment. They're so unhappy he has to come and other somebody else. Once you know all these things, and you know he is the one that feels most scared, the bully is the one that has very little regard for himself, very poor self-esteem."

Zoe added, "Once you understand that reality about a bully, you have won already. And you stick to the people that make you feel really good about yourself. But the one person that has to feel good about yourself is you. It takes practice. It's not easy. You wake up and, and now, are you kidding me? Nothing fits. I look in the mirror…What are you going to do? You put something on. You practice the 'I'm beautiful. This is me. This is as good as it is going to get and it is great.'"

Plus, watch the clip to see what Queen Latifah gave Zoe's soon-to-be born twin boys!

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