Warning: What you hear in this video may shock you.

But we're not talking about the fact that these little girls (ages 6 to 13) are swearing like sailors. We're talking about the phrases they are using regarding gender inequality.

In a video produced by FCKH8.com starring the "Potty-Mouthed Princesses," young girls all dolled up in pastel gowns drop F-bombs to remind everyone that society shouldn't be offended by curse words; we should be offended by the fact that women are still paid 23 percent less than men in the work force and the fact that one in five women is sexually assaulted or raped. 

"[We're] asking the question: What's more offensive? A little girl saying f--k or the sexist way society treats girls and women?" reads the description. "These adorably articulate little ladies in sparkling tiaras turn the 'princess in distress' stereotype on its head and contrast the F-word with words and statistics society should find shocking such as 'pay inequality' and 'rape.'"

The powerful video is to promote FCKH8.com's new line of T-shirts that say "Girls Just Want to Have FUN-damental Rights," with proceeds from each shirt going to various feminist organizations.

So when you watch this video, remember what you really should be offended by. Hint: It's not the idea of children screaming "what the f--k?!"

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