Jennifer Lawrence, Elizabeth Banks

Jeff Vespa/Getty Images for ELLE

Jennifer Lawrence brought the laughs at last night's Elle Women in Hollywood party!

While presenting to her Hunger Games co-star Elizabeth Banks, the Oscar winner had a little fun by cracking jokes about Banks as the audience howled with laughter. "I'm honored to be here to support my dear friend and cast-member Elizabeth Banks," J.Law said while honoring Banks. "Or shall I say Elizabeth Mitchell, that's actually her real name if you didn't know. She changed it because she's money!"

Lawrence went on to joke, "She's had at least one line in every film since 2001."

Jennifer Lawrence

Jeff Vespa/Getty Images for ELLE

"I have had the pleasure of working with this gifted actress for the past few years on the unfortunate box office flop, The Hunger Games," the 24-year-old actress quipped. "I constantly marvel at the versatility of Elizabeth. She's a chameleon escaping into every role she plays. Whatever the movie, her performances are always honest and heartfelt. As audience members, we know the women she plays are very real and that's why directors want to constantly work with her."

But those weren't the only jokes. Lawrence continued, "Elizabeth is from Pittsfield, Massachusetts. A lot of really smart people are from Pittsfield, it says here on the teleprompter. I never knew that."

Elizabeth Banks

Jason Merritt/Getty Images for ELLE

After a video montage of her films, Banks took to stage to accept her honor with a hysterical and profanity-ridden speech. "I didn't write a speech, there's nothing in this teleprompter, my publicist is s--ting her pants," Banks said. "Here we go, bitches!"

She joked, "I think that I'm proud of my career and then I see the highlight reel," before adding, "I want to call a little bit of bulls--t on being a woman in Hollywood. Like, I think it's really hard actually to be a woman in Hollywood. I think it requires a lot of encouragement along the way."

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