Martin Sheen, Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton, Al Gore

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If he decides to make a run for the White House in '08, Al Gore has got the president’s vote—sorta.

Former West Wing commander-in-chief Martin Sheen says he’s not ready to back any of the announced hopefuls for ’08, because he still hopes to see Gore moving into 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.

“I love Obama, Mrs. Clinton, Governor Richardson,” Sheen told Planet Gossip’s Matt Donnelly at the AARP Movies for Grown-Ups awards at the Hotel Bel-Air last night in L.A., but he would “love to see Al Gore back in the race. I would jump on that bandwagon in a second.”

It seems Sheen just can’t let go of those hanging chads. Having stumped for Gore in 2000, the legendary Lefty calls the loss “a disappointing thievery that robbed him and all of us.”

For now, the only campaign Gore may be thinking about these days is in the race for Oscar gold with his nominated documentary, An Inconvenient Truth. When asked about Sheen's endorsement, a rep for Gore said, “Obviously, former Vice President Gore really appreciates the sentiment and where it comes from, but he’s made it very clear he has no intention of running. Perhaps they’ll see each other at the Academy Awards.” 

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