John Oliver's All-Dog Supreme Court Is So Much More Watchable Than the Regular Supreme Court—and That's the Point

Last Week Tonight reveals how to make high court deliberations go viral

By Natalie Finn Oct 20, 2014 8:18 PMTags
Last Week Tonight with John Oliver: Supreme Court HBO

If only the U.S. Supreme Court would really go to the dogs.

Taking on the topic of why the high court doesn't allow cameras to film oral arguments and deliberations CSPAN-style (possible media manipulation, yada yada yada), John Oliver admitted on this past Sunday's Last Week Tonight that the sessions might seem a little dry—especially considering all the public at large has to go on so far is audio recordings that accompany rough sketches of the justices. 

And that just won't do at all.


Oliver then presented, with the help of an "almost immoral amount of resources," the exact way to make the Supreme Court incredibly watchable, with infinite potential to go viral. Not to mention ridiculously adorable.

Arguments over a Muslim prisoner's right to keep his beard intact for religious purposes while in U.S. custody? Not boring at all when opinions are being bandied about by...

Nine dogs!

Last Week Tonight has done it again, this time in the form of a literal menagerie that includes bulldog Antonin Scalia, bespectacled Chihuahua Ruth Bader Ginsburg, a goose for a legal assistant and the court reporter chicken.

And yes, Oliver is right. This has to be the most compelling Supreme Court argument ever.

Watch now—and go to the HBO show's YouTube channel to use the canine footage to make your own version of judicial history!