Rob Lowe Gets Injured While Surfing, Still Looks Hot While Posing Shirtless With Bloody Knee

Actor heads to the hospital after an early morning beach trip gets dangerous

By Mike Vulpo Oct 19, 2014 9:26 PMTags
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What a stud!

Rob Lowe proved to be quite the tough guy once again after he was injured Sunday morning at the beach.

Instead of enjoying a relaxing surf session in the water, the West Wing alum was forced to head to the doctor's office after getting hurt.

"My day so far," Lowe shared on Instagram while getting stiches. "I will live. #SurfStitches."

Don't worry guys! If that was a little too graphic for ya, the 50-year-old payed it forward by posing shirtless after his injury.

"So sharky," he wrote on Twitter while posing in his red boardshorts and surfboard as blood continued to drip down his knee. "The amount of blood that can unwantedly come out of one's body is amazing."


If he has time to pose for pics, perhaps he wasn't in as much pain as we thought. Not that we're complaining, of course!

Lowe is no stranger to the ocean blue waters. In addition to being the face of Discovery Channel's recent Shark Week, the handsome actor has also expressed his appreciation for one of Earth's greatest treasures.

"My family and I spend a lot of time on the ocean," he told Parade magazine. "We love being outdoors, and I can see that my sons care deeply about the ocean and wildlife too."

He added, "As an avid surfer, I am at home in the water. And the well-being of our marine wildlife and environment resonates very deeply with me."

With this much love, we can only expect to see Lowe back in the water sooner rather than later.

Get well soon, Rob!