Dustin Lynch Hit by Beer Can at Mullet Festival, Performs With Bloody Face and Takes Selfie With Fans—See the Photo

The 29-year-old country singer headed to the hospital to seek treatment

By Corinne Heller Oct 19, 2014 7:45 PMTags
Dustin LynchCourtesy: Frankie Harris

Ouch! Dustin Lynch was struck in the face by a full beer can during a concert and required stitches.

The incident took place at the 2014 Boggy Bayou Mullet Festival, aka MulletFest (that's an homage to the fish, not Billy Ray Cyrus' iconic '80s hairstyle), in Niceville Florida. The 29-year-old country singer, who is known for singles such as "Where It's At (Yep, Yep)" and "Hell of a Night,"  proved to be a true rock star. He continued singing after the horrific incident, blood pouring down from an open wound above his right cheekbone.

"Who threw the beer?" he asked the audience, as seen in a video posted on TMZ. "You did? Come here! You, come here! You threw a beer and hit me in the face! Come here! Who was it?"

The assailant was not found. Lynch told People magazine that the beer can was "completely full," saying, "It felt like a baseball had hit me."

Lynch later tweeted about the incident.

"On my way to the hospital for a few stitches, I'll be okay," he said. "I appreciate all of you. Fyi the guy who hit me with a beer can got away ..." 

While he still sported a bloody face, Lynch took a selfie with fans, as seen in the above photo, which was taken by photographer Frankie Harris.

"Some douchebag threw a beer can at this beautiful man," Twitter use @TaylorBoisjolie said. "So sorry...Niceville really does have good people."

The Mullet Festival's official website dubs Niceville the "nicest little city in the South." Others performers at the event included Martina McBride, Neal McCoy, and Blackjack Billy.