Ashton Kutcher, Demi Moore, Sharon Stone, Sienna Miller

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Demi Moore almost naked again in Vanity Fair? Sienna Miller offering partygoers to cop a feel?

I'll get to those two ladies in a second, but first I have to tell you about the one-on-one I had last night with Sharon Stone that brought her to tears. 

Stone and I chatted at Drago restaurant in Santa Monica, where Martin and Janet Sheen hosted a cocktail party for the multi-award-nominated Bobby, their son Emilio Estevez's star-studded ensemble drama revolving around the assassination of Robert Kennedy.  

In the movie, Stone plays a hairdresser at the Ambassador Hotel, where Kennedy was shot. Christian Slater plays the catering boss. Stone and Slater got along so well during the making of the flick, they're talking about doing theater together. One idea? Sweet Bird of Youth, Tennessee Williams' play about a hunky wannabe actor who hooks up with an aging movie star.

"We've been offered it," Stone said. "I am crazy about him, and I think he's a wonderful actor."

Slater told me, "I've spoken to Sharon about doing it in London. Doing Sweet Bird of Youth with her in the West End would be gangbusters." 

Work isn't the only thing on Stone's mind. A longtime AIDS and peace activist, she's gearing up for the 2008 election. 

Is she Team Hillary or Team Barack? "Hillary Clinton, I have to say, I think is a wonderful senator, but Obama would be my choice at this time," she said.

She also cooed, "I think [Obama] is great. I think he has that great leadership quality and has great communication skills." 

But it's former Prez Jimmy Carter and wife Rosalynn who really get to her. So much so, Stone actually choked up while speaking about them. "I so dream to be a lady like Rosalynn Carter," she said. "It’s my dream to meet her. Those two are the kind of President and First Lady that we should wish to have…Remember, real leaders care about what happens to the real person, not just their 10 rich friends."

Stone, who showcased her stellar body in a Dior gold miniskirt and top, is also a proud mother of three young boys. She says she's not looking to expand her brood at the moment. "I think three is about all I can do as a single mother and still be responsible." 

Also looking incredible was another mother of three, Demi Moore. I chatted her up and tried to get to the bottom of how a dropped-trou shot of Moore, who plays a boozy singer in Bobby, ended up in Vanity Fair. Blame it on photographer Mario Testino. "I kept saying to him, 'Stop taking photos of me while I am changing outfits,' " Moore said with a laugh.

Not only does she look hot, Moore and her hubby Ashton Kutcher still act like newlyweds. At one point during the party, the two snuck off into a corner to...make out!  

Everyone seemed to gush over the Stella McCartney dress worn by British bombshell Sienna Miller. The gabbed-about garment was constructed from dozens of pieces of metal. "Feel it," she said to one dress admirer. "Yes, feel me up. Tonight, I just want to be felt up!"

I'm sure there were at least a few good men willing to oblige.

Also at the party: Joshua Jackson, Joy Bryant, Freddy Rodriguez, William H. Macy, Jacob Vargas, Brian Geraghty, Clifton Collins Jr., Lainie Kazan, Renee Taylor, Lou Diamond Phillips, Beau Bridges, Lou Gossett Jr. and Martin Landau.
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