Does white privilege still exist in America? How about we tackle the question by watching a shouting match between two middle-aged white dudes! 

That's exactly what Bill O'Reilly and Jon Stewart did when the O'Reilly Show Factor star stopped by The Daily Show last night to promote his latest book Killing Patton.

However, the conversation quickly took a turn in subject matter after the Comedy Central star shamelessly admitted he hadn't even read O'Reilly's tome before pressing the conservative commentator to agree with his point of view: "I want you to admit that there is such a thing as white privilege" (O'Reilly has previously stated that the notion is a myth). 

Cue a migraine-inducing shouting match between these two. 

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Bill O’Reilly, Jon Stewart

Comedy Central

"OK, look, if there's white privilege, then there has to be Asian privilege because Asians make more money than whites," O'Reilly argued. "They make more money, higher education, more affluent, so it's Asian privilege, not white privilege. Sorry to confuse you with facts." 

"You're missing the point...white people, males, set the system...," the political satirist countered. "There has been a systemic, a systemic, a systemized subjugation of the black community." 

"That was then..." O'Reilly replied. "Maybe you haven't figured out that there is no more slavery, there is no more Jim Crow, and the most powerful man in the world is a black American and the most powerful woman in the world, Oprah Winfrey, is black." 

"Being able to give people a free car does not make you the most powerful woman in the world," Stewart quipped. 

The 51-year-old comedian then listed off a number of reasons why black people are at a disadvantage in America in an attempt to further prove his point, and O'Reilly even took the debate to the audience. "You think I'm sitting here because I'm white?" he said. "What are you, a moron? I'm sitting here because I'm obnoxious, not because I'm white!"

O'Reilly continued to insist that there is no such thing as white privilege. "Let me repeat this, and I'll do it slowly so even you can understand it: If you work hard, if you get educated, if you're an honest person, you can make it in America!" he shouted. 

To which Stewart retorted: "If you live in a neighborhood where poverty is endemic, it's harder to work's harder." 

Watch the clip to see how the two finally (well, sort of) came to an agreement. 

What do you think of Stewart and O'Reilly's remarks? Tell us in the comments! 

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