Charice, Where are They Now


Charice Pempengco's new look is sparking some questions.

The former Glee star reunited with Oprah Winfrey for an upcoming episode of Where Are They Now?, and the show host, who hadn't seen Charice since 2010 when they spoke about her single "Pyramid," did what she does best by asking the big question on many people's minds—"Were you thinking about transitioning to become a male?"

Of course, the teaser clip for the episode—which airs this Sunday at 9 p.m. and also features Carmen Electra, radio and TV personality Shadoe Stevens and singer Macy Gray—doesn't offer the viewer any more than that tiny bit. Sigh.

Charice, sporting a blond buzz cut and black collared top, posted a photo of her with Winfrey on her Instagram and wrote, "Who's excited to see this? #O #wherearetheynow #Oprah @oprah."


Gary Gershoff/Getty Images for Songwriter's Hall of Fame

While Charice's look may come as a surprise to many, it's not exactly a change that just happened.

The 22-year-old began switching up her image around the same time that she decided to come out as gay. "Yes, I am a tomboy," she revealed in 2013, using a common Filipino colloquial term for lesbian. "I don't know what's the problem with that. Because for me, there isn't a problem with that."

"Now, I'd like to ask for forgiveness to those who aren't able to understand," the crooner said. "I just wanna say thank you personally to all my fans, to all the people who are still supporting me, who are still there for me, and honestly I am very, very happy."

That's when Charice opted to chop off her locks and ditch the dresses. "I know some people are more used to the old Charice, a ballad singer with the pigtails," Charice reportedly said at a press conference at the time. "For me, in my heart, I've always wanted to be more edgy, rock, more [on the] dark side. I know some people think that this is very rebellious but it's not. It's just me evolving. It's me transforming into another person that is totally me."

Charice's segment on Where Are They Now airs this Sunday night at 9/8c on the OWN.

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