Every single episode of Friends, all 236 of them, will be coming to Netflix starting Jan. 1, 2015.

(That is without a doubt one of the most satisfying and wonderful sentences we have ever typed in our entire lives.)

In the immortal words of Chandler Bing, we are so excited we may vomit. But that's just part of the process of finding out that your favorite Manhattan group will be on your Netflix in just a couple of months, just in time for your New Year's Eve hangover, actually!

If you're like us (read: super awesome), then here is what your life has been like since getting the Friends news:

1. Disbelief

Friends GIFs

This has to be a hoax. Something this perfect can't be true, right? We've already been burned too many times with the multiple fake rumors about a Friends reunion/reboot happening.

2. Comprehension

Friends GIFs

It IS real. It's really happening!

3. Joy

Friends GIFs

Unspeakable, unbridled, untainted joy.

4. Shaking and crying

Friends GIFs

People around you probably think your husband/wife is leaving you because you are just openly sobbing over this news.

5. Sharing

Friends GIFs

After you realize what this all means, you have to share this news to everyone you know via Twitter, Facebook, text, Snapchat, Instagram, Vine, MySpace, Friendster, Chat Roulette, snail mail, LiveJournal and/or screaming out the window of your house to the unsuspecting pigeons below. And then you grab one of those pigeons and attach a note to their leg so they can spread the word. In short: everyone has to know if they don't already.

6. Celebration

Friends GIFs

It's sunk in and now it's time for the fun part! You and your fellow Friends addicts are probably shooting GIFs back and forth to each other over iMessage or you're just tweeting quotes from memory as they come to you. This is a glorious time for the Friends fandom and you are embracing the hell out of it.

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7. Defensiveness

Friends GIFs

This is for all these people who are like: "Don't you own the box set?" or "Isn't Friends on like, 12 channels?" They don't understand. Friends on Netflix means no commercials, no getting up to change discs and if you are like us, no skipping entire discs completely because you've watched them so many times and moved with them so many times over 10 years that they are scratched to s--t. Also, do you want us to school you on the difference between the broadcast versions and the uncut versions? Don't even bother comparing the two; broadcast is so inferior. 

8. Planning

Friends GIFs

Do you invite people over for a kickoff viewing party? Start the binge solo? What kind of snacks should you have? Should you park it on the couch or stay in bed when you watch? These are important things to consider. 

9. Impatience

Friends GIFs

Is it 2015 yet? Is it? IS IT? Why isn't it getting here faster?!

10. Debating

Friends GIFs

This is also when you fight with other Friends fans over the best season, the best episode and so forth. It's just what happens whenever some kind of Friends-relevant story hits the Internet. You also have to defend to the death that Rachel and Joey getting together was a terrible, terrible idea on par with TV execs thinking that cavemen from the car insurance commercials would make a suitable television series.

11. Orgasmic afterglow

Friends GIFs

Now it's time to just ride the wave of happiness until Jan. 1. Every single episode of Friends will be at your fingertips and nothing else is more important than that. Except for Taylor Swift's new album coming out, of course. But even that is trumped by Chandler, Monica, Rachel, Ross, Joey and Phoebe.


Friends GIFs


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