Ilana, Abbi, Broad City

Comedy Central

Missed Connections and cystic bacne? Yep, must be a Broad City webisode!

Though their Comedy Central hit doesn't return for its second season until January 2015 (Why so far away?!), Ilana Glazer and Abbi Jacobson have been keeping us in the loop with their Hack into Broad City webseries. Alas, all hilariously mundane Skype sessions must come to an end, and we've got the final installment for your viewing pleasure.

Premiering exclusively on E! Online, the final webisode finds Abbi working on the rough draft for her latest Missed Connections posting (Is reaching for the same boysenberry soap at LUSH the new ultimate meet-cute? Discuss!), while Ilana deals with an "ant's meatball" on her back.

 Warning: We advise that you not eat while watching the above webisode. Why? Because we've got some BFF pimple-popping going on. Don't say we didn't warn you.

So gross.

So good.

So Broad City.


Broad City returns for its second season in January 2015 on Comedy Central. 

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