Jessa Duggar's Future Father-in-Law Defends Her Holocaust-Abortion Comparison, Calls Her Critics ''Hitler's Doppelgangers''

Get the latest scoop on the news story that has many fans angered

By Brett Malec Oct 09, 2014 9:28 PMTags
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Jessa Duggar's future father-in-law is defending her comparison of abortions and the Holocaust.

After visiting the Holocaust Museum the other week, the 19 Kids and Counting star upset many people by writing a controversial blog post equating abortion to the genocide that claimed the lives of approximately 11 million people. Now, Michael Seewald, the father of her fiancé, Ben Seewald, has taken to his personal blog to blast Jessa's critics.

"The Holocaust was the deliberate extermination of a certain class of people," Michael writes. "Those in power deemed some people to be subhuman and unwanted in society and so they gathered them up and killed them. Abortion also is the extermination of a certain class of people deemed unworthy to live. The powers that be have legalized murder just as they did during the Holocaust. Any woman who chooses to may go to an abortion clinic and have her preborn baby violently killed."

He went on:

In Hitler's Germany there was legal discrimination against Jews. In our society we may legally discriminate against our own children and eradicate them. Tell me how this is not the same thing. They may protest and say that the preborn are not fully human as the Jew's [sic] are, but even making that assertion makes them more like the Nazis than they want to be because that was how the Nazis viewed the Jews. The Jews were non persons in the eyes of the German government just as the preborn are to ours. Under the Nazi regime Jew's [sic] rights and humanity were not considered. The same is true of a society that condones abortion. The rights and humanity of the unborn are not regarded. The Jews were viewed as a lesser class of people to be exterminated. The unborn are viewed as a clump of cells to be violently sucked out of their mother's womb or ripped apart limb by limb and their skulls crushed so that he or she may easily be pulled out piece by piece.

Michael concluded by likening Jessa's haters and proponents of abortion to Adolf Hitler himself.

"Bravo, Jessa, for daring to speak out against one of the great evils of our time even if it means that Hitler's doppelgangers are enraged," he wrote. "Maybe this is why Rush Limbaugh calls radical feminists 'Femi-Nazis.'"