Titanic's Alternate Ending Is Just the Worst Thing Ever—Watch Now

Instead of just throwing the necklace into the ocean, Rose makes a big speech about life's real treasures

By Jenna Mullins Oct 09, 2014 8:04 PMTags

Did you know that James Cameron shot an alternate ending to Titanic? Not regarding the part with the sinking and all the death (that still happened), but the one with current-day Rose (Gloria Stewart) throwing the Heart of the Ocean overboard with a cute little squeak?

Yep, apparently James shot something else and now we know why it hasn't seen the light of day…until now. Apparently this is a bonus feature on the Titanic DVD, but the video is just now going viral because that's how the Internet works: in mysterious ways. It's a deep ocean of secrets, the Internet.


The point is that this alternate ending is terrible. Just terrible. It still has the same outcome—the necklace going back into the ocean, but there's some seriously cheesy life lessons to be had first and it ruins the whole film, basically. If we saw that ending in theaters, well, let's just say that we wouldn't have gone back six more times to see Titanic.

No, seriously. We saw Titanic seven times in theaters. Give us a break, we were 13.

Anyway, you can watch the alternate ending in the video above, which involves Bill Paxton finally learning a lesson (ugh), ridiculously over-dramatic monologues about life and metaphors and treasures (more ugh) and an over-the-shoulder throw that somehow bugs us the most.

And don't forget about that kooky comic-relief guy! 

Thank you, James Cameron, for making sure this wasn't the actual ending to Titanic.

(H/T Buzzfeed)