A Chic Chocolate Carousal

By Sydne Summer Sep 19, 2007 10:19 PMTags

Taste of Boule

In January, party forecasters predicted 2007 would be a very sweet year. Indeed, cupcakes became the common fare at fetes, drinks went fruity and doughnuts even tried to make a comeback. We don’t know how long these trends will hold, but there’s one delectable treat we’re sure isn’t going anywhere: chocolate.

This past weekend alone, more than 10,000 pounds of Dove chocolate were handed out to Emmy nominees and their TV costars, like The SopranosLorraine Bracco, who said, "I pop more Dove promises than I pop pills.” In other words, say no to drugs and yes to chocolate. Finally, an addiction we can champion!

Nancy Kaszerman/ZUMApress.com

So, how can you turn your chocolate cravings into a party? Follow the footsteps of Shiva Rose and Dylan McDermott, who treated celebrity guests like Amy Smart, Mena Suvari and Mischa Barton to tasty confections at a private dinner through Taste of Boule. The special-events division of the renowned dessert shop on La Cienega offers a modern spin on the traditional dessert station. For $20-30 per person, Boule comes to your Los Angeles home and arranges a variety of gourmet chocolate truffles, profiteroles, mendiants and other sinfully delicious treats amid glowing candles and white orchids.

Don’t live in the L.A. area? Re-create the sweet sensation yourself by heading to your nearest chocolatier and picking up a pleasing assortment. Send out invites sprayed with chocolate-scented perfume (you don’t want those bars melting in the mail!). Trust me, your pals will flock to your chocolaty get-together.

And after your guests' bellies are full of sweet bliss, top off your confectionary theme by sending them home with nonedible chocolate-themed goodie bags to remember the evening. Use your imagination and your Googling skills to stock your gift bag with interesting items. One of my favorites is Thom Fleming’s Mochanilla body scrub, an exfoliant that leaves your skin clean and smelling yummy enough to eat. But be warned: A postparty body-licking session may end your night.