Emmy Rossum

Krista Kennell/ZUMAPress.com

RSVPs:  Molly Sims, Emmy Rossum, Haylie Duff...
When:  July 25
Where:  Tweety Boutique

In my party career, I've seen colored carpets from classic red to environmentally conscious green to pop-princess pink. But tonight's rug for the Tweety Boutique Opening in Beverly Hills is my first experience with yellow. And the bright hue is everywhere. There are pineapple cocktails, sun-kissed gerber daisies and even a lemon-colored VW New Beetle convertible parked out front with Tweety Bird's bright blue eyes substituting for headlights.

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Fluffing His Feathers
The Tweety designer collection debuted in 2005, and blondies like Tori Spelling and Nicole Richie swarmed Kitson for tanks and tees bearing the Looney Tunes character. Now, our fine-feathered friend has stepped it up in the fashion world with a new collection created by some of the trendiest designers. There are Rebecca Beeson hoodies, Charlotte Ronson undies, Thakoon sunny silk frocks and even an $8,000 Jean Yu couture dress!

Molly Sims

Krista Kennell/ZUMAPress.com

Tinsley Mortimer's $300 patent clutch is a major fave with Molly Sims, Emmy Rossum and the socialite herself, who are all carrying the yellow handbag. "It's a perfect time to be doing this," Tinsley tells me. "Yellow is so hot right now." Plus, the color evokes a cheery mood, much like a certain cheeky canary. "I love yellow," Sims adds. "And Tweety just reminds me of when I was young and I used to watch all my cartoons early in the morning. It makes you happy."

Brooke Mueller

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Pwetty Puddy Tat
In complete bliss is Charlie Sheen's fiancée, Brooke Mueller, whose ginormous yellow diamond rock makes up for her "I'm about to hit the gym" attire. "I knew if I went all the way back to where we live and back here [to the store], I would miss the event," she laughs. "So, I'm in a gray T-shirt." Not to worry, Brooke's gorgeous face and cascading locks make up for her fashion mishap. Charlie sure knows what he likes in women. 

The lovebirds haven't set a date yet, but Brooke promises to alert everyone when wedding plans are final. In the meantime, the real estate investor is enjoying her new life as the pretty partner of the highest-paid sitcom star on television.

Haylie Duff

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Single and Ready to Mingle
Speaking of romance, Haylie Duff is taking hers with a grain of salt. "I’m just casually dating," says Hilary's sis, who was most recently linked to Brody Jenner (though the two claim they're just friends). "It’s the first time I’ve really done that, so I’m learning a lot about what I want and what I don’t want. I think more girls our age should date." Thanks for the advice, doll.

When she's not dating, Haylie's going to be filming not one, but two movies beginning Sept. 1. She tried to plan her schedule so she's on location during the same time Hilary's on tour. "My sister and I have been getting in a lot of trouble recently, because we've both been in L.A. at the same time," she explains. Guess once summer's over there will be no more Duff stuff in the club scene. Maybe Cole and Dylan Sprouse (from Suite Life of Zack and Cody) can take over as the male versions of the Disney duo.

Wights Out!
The party winds down with Daily 10's Debbie Matenopoulos scouring the racks for last-minute goodies and Samantha Ronson closing down her deejay booth and discussing late-night plans with her designer sis, Charlotte. I snag my Tweety gift bag, walk back outside on the yellow carpet and say goodnight to the biggest little bird in Beverly Hills.

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