Sydne Summer, Lance Bass

Sydne Summer

In just a week, Lance Bass is leaving his L.A. pad for the Big Apple. But tonight, he's ready to party. In honor of his pal Amanda's 30th birthday, the Broadway-bound blondie has teamed up with Anna Faris and Psych's Maggie Lawson to throw a summer soiree—his last big carousal before the Corny Collins training begins.

As I enter Lance's home, I'm greeted by a sweet and salty aroma of cheese and sugar. There are about 50 boxes of Domino’s pizza lining the kitchen counter, and the table is filled with 15 dozen cupcakes, courtesy of the Cupcakery in Las Vegas. The majority of the pastel-colored delights are for the birthday girl, but there's a special set for Lance reading Hairspray. So cute.
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Party guests like Everwood's Chris Pratt, Superman's Brandon Routh and The O.C.'s Nicholas Gonzalez stroll around, enjoying the city view and clinking Veev vodka cocktails under the stars. Lance's former girlfriend Danielle Fishel (aka Topanga from Boy Meets World) also stops by to bid her ex farewell. It's nice to see they're still friends.

I walk past Jaleel White, who looks very un-Urkelish in pants that don't reach his collarbone, and take a pic with Lance in the Polite and Public photo booth. It's like we're the bad kids in high school, having a party in the locker room. We get to talking about all the beautiful people in NYC (for the complete interview, check out the Hum), and Lance grins with excitement. Despite the strenuous Broadway schedule he's about to have, I know he's going to have a blast.

"The Duff sisters are on their way," I overhear a woman say. I check my watch, and it's already 2 a.m. I've had three pieces of pizza and two red velvet cupcakes, so I don’t know if my stomach can wait for Haylie and Hilary. I'm bound to see them again around Malibu this summer, so I take a shuttle down with Topher Grace and call it a night.

Break a leg, Lance!
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