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Talk about your bad gas attacks.

Charlie Sheen has been sued by a dental technician over a recent visit that at some point went wrong after she was tasked with trying to administer nitrous oxide to the actor.

The technician had previously told police that the Anger Management star pulled a knife on one of the dentists, but his attorney immediately denied that claim, saying the dentist had already told police no such thing happened. Today, however, the technician filed a lawsuit alleging assault, battery, sexual battery and intentional affliction of emotional distress.

Martin Singer, Sheen's lawyer, tells E! News in response to the suit, "This is a ridiculous and fictional lawsuit by an opportunist looking for her 15 minutes of fame. These claims were filed in retaliation for her losing her job for violating HIPAA laws protecting patients. We are confident that we will prevail on these absurd claims." (The suit does not mention anything about the plaintiff losing her job.) 

Charlie Sheen

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In court documents filed Friday and obtained by E! News, technician Margaret Palestino states that she was told by the dentist, George Bogen, to place the nitrous oxide mask on Sheen's face and, when she did, he jumped out of the chair.

The complaint alleges that Sheen then yelled at her, Bogen and another dentist present, Jaime Azdair, "I'm going to f--king kill you!" Bogen got him to sit back down and told Palestino to try again with the nitrous, the suit continues. When she did, Palestino alleges, Sheen grabbed her left breast and, when she struggled, started tugging at her scrubs and bra strap. Per the lawsuit, Bogen urged him to calm down, to which Sheen replied, "F--k you, George" and then looked at Palestino and yelled, "I'm going to kill you!"

Palestino reiterates in her complaint her original allegation that Sheen lunged at Azdair with a knife (Azdair having told her this because she had already left the room) and ultimately stabbed at the chair in the examination room.

But Bogen pressed on, according to the suit, and, after asking Palestino to return to the exam room, tried to apply a topical anesthetic to Sheen's mouth instead of the gas. The actor then looked at his security guard and, according to the suit, said, "Gary, tell them what you do for a f--king living. Gary, tell them how many guys you have f--king killed. About a thousand? Right, Gary?"

Charlie Sheen, Anger Management


Sheen then "bolted out of the dental chair and forcefully punched Plaintiff's chest," Palestino further alleges.

Also according to the suit, when they were finally leaving the office, Sheen's assistant handed Palestino $500 and said it was for "your troubles." She also alleges that Bogen told her, once Sheen had left, that the actor had been "'high' on a combination of crack cocaine, Theradol and alcohol."

Kevin Sands, Sheen's longtime regular dentist, told E! News earlier this week in response to the report of the actor's meltdown, "He has been the best patient. He has been generous with everyone. He has never been messed up on anything. He has been on nitrous before. He has been nothing but a gentleman. When he comes in, my whole staff lights up. He tips everyone. He is like the best patient to have. What I am reading doesn't even sound like the same guy. I've never seen Charlie be aggressive ever. I know him personally too. He is just not that guy. He is gentle."

Singer had previously said that his client had a "bad reaction" to the nitrous oxide. Sheen's rep added that sometimes Sheen takes prescription meds for a nagging shoulder injury, and that triggered the bad reaction.

—Reporting by Baker Machado and Claudia Rosenbaum

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