Alfonso Ribeiro Says a Fresh Prince of Bel Air Reunion ''Will Not Happen''—Watch and Find Out Why!

"I believe that some things are better left in the past," the actor told E! News

By Alyssa Toomey Oct 07, 2014 12:00 AMTags
Watch: Is a "Fresh Prince" Reunion in the Works?

Ready for an epic night of Dancing With the Stars? So are we! Because Alfonso Ribeiro is officially going to perform the Carlton Dance (excuse us, while take a moment to scream). 

The 43-year-old former Fresh Prince of Bel Air star answered the burning question that's been on all our minds since the actor signed on to season 19 of the hit ABC show, revealing he will break out those famous dance moves to the tune of Tom Jones "It's Not Unusual." 

So now that Ribeiro has gotten "jiggy with it" and will soon be busting out the iconic '90s hip-hop swinging move, we couldn't help but wonder if a Fresh Prince reunion could possibly be in the works, considering Candace Cameron Bure's appearance on season 18 sparked the rumors of a Full House reboot. 


But unfortunately for Fresh Prince fans, Ribeiro says the gang won't be getting back together on the boob tube—but the actor provides a very good reason. 

"Since the passing of my favorite dad in the world, ever on TV, James Avery passed, the chances of a Fresh Prince coming back together will not happen. I don't think we feel as a cast that we would do even our fans justice," Ribeiro told E! News while promoting his new Wendy's campaign with former Karate Kid star Ralph Macchio. "We all felt like he was the centerpiece or the nucleus of that show. Without him, it just doesn't work. So even if the whole cast comes to support me on the show, we're not looking for that to happen. And that's OK." 


He continued, noting that not every popular movie or TV show needs to be remade. "I believe that some things are better left in the past," he said. "You don't have to bring everything back…The reason why we stopped doing the show initially was simply because we felt like we had done all the stories we wanted to do and there was no reason to continue to try and do stories over again, try and tell the same story in a different way.

"We had done the stories and we felt like we left a wonderful legacy with the episodes that we had produced," he continued. "So if people want to watch it, continue to watch it in reruns, I think that we did our best work then, and we wouldn't try to duplicate that, we would just let that just stand on its own."  

Meanwhile, in addition to competing on Dancing With the Stars, Ribeiro as well as Macchio have teamed up with pro wrestling Hall of Famer Steve Austin to star in silly faux PSA videos for Wendy's new #bbq4Merica campaign in which they inform folks who are "deprived" of quality barbecue about the fast food chain's new pulled pork sandwiches. 

"We're very serious about pulled pork," Ribeiro spilled to E! News. "There's not enough really good barbecue in America." 

"What Wendy's is doing now is their bringing water to these drought-infested areas," Macchio added. "Meaning they're bring the pork to the people who don't always have that." 

Be sure to watch the clip to hear Ribeiro's comments on a Fresh Prince reunion and then hit the comments to tell us if you're excited for Alfonso to do the Carlton on DWTS