My Reunion with Matthew Perry

By Sydne Summer May 21, 2007 10:25 PMTags
Matthew Perry, Sydne SummerSydne Summer

At first, I wasn't even going to attend my high school reunion. But a little voice kept telling me I should stop by. Now, I know it was the voice of Chandler Bing. Yes, as I'm having a glass of wine with Mr. O'Brien, one of my favorite teachers, Matthew Perry walks through the door of the Regency Club. I didn't know our dean had planned for a celebrity guest. Turns out she didn't.

Matt, as he's endearingly called by his teachers and classmates, graduated in 1987 and is using time off from his recently canceled Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip to attend his 20-year reunion. An alumna from '87 tells me she remembers Matt starring in plays when he attended the Buckley School, and he "was really good even then." But Matt had another passion aside from theater.

"I'm a major Senators fan," he says of the NHL team. Makes sense, considering the Friends star didn't move from Ottawa until he was 15. Missing his Canadian roots, Matt was the first person in Buckley history to start a hockey club, although I'm sure we're all glad his sports club fizzled and his acting career skyrocketed.

And Matt wasn't the only athletic actor, as a fellow Buckley alumna tells me she remembers running track with Nicollette Sheridan! Whodathunkit?

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As I take a picture with my class of 2002, we joke that Nicky Hilton could've been sitting next to us if she didn't take a detour to New York after elementary school. "Do you remember those big bows she wore?" my school pal jests. "She was so prissy." Guess things don't change much in Hollywood. The bows have moved from her once golden hair to her designer frocks, but with that ubiquitous pout, Nicky is still the same girlie girl.