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RSVPs:  Paris Hilton, Josh Henderson and Kim Kardashian
When:  Apr. 15
Where:  Private Residence, Beverly Hills  

In the Bible, Sunday is a day of rest. But in Hollywood, the last day of the week is a time to play. Today, stars are doing just that at a hilltop Beverly Hills mansion, which has been transformed into Samsung and Sprint's UpStage Country Club. As I'm shuttled up the windy road to the top of the mountain, the driver tells me he had just made a pit stop for the last passenger to puke. Thankfully, my companions and I make it up the hill regurgitation free.

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The estate reminds me of Adam Sandler's villa in Billy Madison. After almost tripping on the little bridges lining a koi pond, I descend the grand exterior staircase but after what seems like a zillion steps, my feet need a break. At the first landing, trendy partyers play Ping-Pong and sip beer. I walk down the remaining steps to a backyard with a putt-putt golf course, cabanas and an art deco pool with bikini-clad girls driving remote-control boats. This mansion is out of control.  

At the bottom of the staircase, model-deejay Caroline D'Amore chats with best friend Kim Kardashian and Capote cutie Clifton Collins Jr. "Sunday's my favorite day," Caroline tells me with a big smile. "I just find the most interesting and different thing to do." Today's celebration of Samsung and Sprint's new wireless phone complete with built-in MP3 player is certainly a change from the usual mimosa-sipping country-club scene. And there's a plethora of activities. Should I get fake eyelashes at the Xtreme Lashes cabana? Settle in for a relaxing massage? Or perhaps enjoy an O.P.I. manicure?

I put my name on the list for a massage and head over to the barbecue bar, where a tanner than ever Paris Hilton fixes her boy Josh Henderson a plate. "We’re having fun and taking it slow," Josh says of their relationship. "We do low-key things." I wouldn't exactly call today low-key, but the event is certainly laid-back, an attribute Paris seems to be enjoying more of these days. Josh tells me the two go to movies and dinners and that Paris is watching more television now that she's addicted to Desperate Housewives.

Paris remains the most popular girl at the party, enjoying her food on lounge chairs with Josh and an adoring clique. Not included in the group is Kardashian, who keeps her distance from her ex-BFF. I'll never understand these socialite girls. I'm sure in a month they'll be back together, arm in arm with matching Louis Vuitton purses.

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I polish off my veggie burger with an Acai palm smoothie and catch up with VeeV brothers Courtney and Carter Reum. They tell me their vodka actually contains the same antioxidant-filled Amazon berries I just gulped down, so I'm pumped when they hand me an invitation to their launch party. A night of drinking that's actually good for me? RSVP me yes.

My name's finally called for a massage, so I sit on a lounge chair as the masseuse works his magic. Twenty minutes later, I'm relaxed and ready to brave the staircase again to chat up Scott Speedman, who has been standing on the second level for about an hour. "I rarely come to these types of things," the Felicity and Underworld hottie says while looking down from the banister. "But it's fun to watch the spectacle. I'd rather look than be in the parade." My new crush of the week finally does descend to ground level after the upstairs bar closes, but then he leaves me for Taryn Manning. Oh, well. He could never keep up with my party-hopping lifestyle anyway.

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Over by the pool table, Niecy Nash is enjoying a game with her hubby, Don. The relaxed atmosphere is a nice change for Style Network's Clean House mom. "Talk about some activities that involve Chucky Cheese, the PTA, the bake sales, walking the kids to school…that's my jam," she tells me. Also calling in the babysitter is Regina King, who's helping herself to a well-deserved second glass of champagne. "Usually, I'm doing homework with my son," she says when I run into her upstairs.

Soon, the daytime festivities are over, everyone migrates into a tent and the country club soiree becomes a club scene, with private tables, a dance floor and lychee martinis aplenty.

As the music blares from the speakers, D'Amore dances up a storm next to Kim and Kourtney Kardashian. "It's from all the sugar I eat," she says of her boundless energy, between bites of a red velvet cupcake. Next to the urban-rapper types at the Kardashian table, Paris Hilton hangs in a booth with Josh and some white rocker boys. Everyone's clearly awaiting the night's touted surprise performance.

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Twista gets the crowd riled up with "Overnight Celebrity" and "Is That Your Chick," and then Gnarls Barkley takes the stage in white masks. "We are the Champions" plays, and then Cee-Lo pushes up his mask and breaks intowhat is last concert his group is doing before their next album. "I wanna see some titties," he screams, ripping off his shirt. "I wanna see some nudity!" A few girls take off their stilettos to dance better, but no clothing is disgarded. Guess the servers need to do a better job force-feeding those martinis.

The concert's over, so I follow Kim Kardashian's lead and leave the fete. She gets into a sports car with New Orleans Saints footballer Reggie Bush. I'm not surprised the two leave together, considering a friend told me they looked very cozy at Christian Audigier's show during L.A. Fashion Week. And he's totally Kim's type. Looks like someone might be making trips to the Big Easy pretty soon.

I wish my life was as easy as Kim's, and I could valet. But instead I have to wait for another windy ride in the shuttle. Being Hollywood Party Girl can sometimes be so tough...

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