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Jenna (Ashley Rickards) and Tamara (Jillian Rose Reed) have been BFFs their entire lives on Awkward.

Their friendship has overcome so much throughout the entire series. It's survived Jenna's "sanity sabbatical," all of Jenna's Matty (Beau Mirchoff) drama, and it has even survived a time when both girls dated the same guy: Jake (Brett Davern).

But when E! News chatted with Reed about the back half of season four of the MTV dramedy, she revealed that Jenna and Tamara are about to go through that boy drama all over again.

Can their friendship survive yet another fight over the same boy? Check out our full Q&A with Reed below!

What's coming up for Tamara in this week's episode?
This week's episode is all about New Year's Eve and Tamara will finally get to hook up with Pete, the guy she was pining for all during her ski trip. And then there is also some boy drama coming up with Jenna and a new boy coming down the line that will cause some major conflict that is kind of a throwback to the Jake story earlier in the show. It's really fun to see that play out again and to see how they revisit it the second time around and what's different about that situation.

Uh oh, Jenna and Tamara are going to fight over the same guy? Do you think their friendship can survive that again?
At this point, I think Tamara and Jenna can get through anything. They've been friends for so many years and have gone through so much drama. Even when Jenna was at her worst and Tamara didn't want to be around her after she cheated on Matty, she still cared for her so much. At this point I don't think there is anything that can break them up, especially not a high school boy.

That's good to hear! So what else is coming up for Tamara romance-wise this season?
Now that Jake and Tamara decided to put the troubles of their relationship in the past and move forward with this newfound friendship, they're going to really struggle with that. They really do love each other and want to be in each other's lives and you'll get to see what happens when Jake and Tamara try to be just friends and if that can really work with dating your ex-boyfriend in high school.

Do you think that Jake and Tamara will end up back together in the future?
I totally do. I think the main reason of why they didn't work out right now is because they're so young and there's still so much they have to learn. Especially Tamara, she has to learn about sacrifice and how to be more selfless in a relationship and that's really hard to do in high school. But I think they are soul mates and they do love each other and in the future, yeah, I think that if they stay in the same area and end up reconnecting somehow I totally can see them together.

 Jillian Rose Reed, Brett Davern, Awkward


Do you want to see them get back together as soon this season?
Their relationship has been a really fun ride so far in high school with so many ups and downs that it's almost better for them to not be together right now. As an actor, I've been enjoying playing Tamara as a single girl. There is so much more drama with fights and makeups and more fights and all that fun stuff. I think they need to be apart for a bit and they both need to grow on their own before they reconnect.

Now let's talk college. Are we going to find out where everyone's going to be next year?
We will find out this season who is going to college and who is not and who is getting separated. Everyone will be freaking out.

Tamara really screwed up her college admission meeting. Has she given up on going to that school?
Nope, Tamara is very smart and always has a plan up her sleeve. Even though she failed in that college admission meeting, she has a backup plan. She knows exactly what she has to do to get accepted.

I know that this season's finale is going to be all about spring break. What can you tell me about Tamara's plans for spring break?
Spring break gets crazy for everyone. There's a group of new guys that we meet and they are military men! Of course these new guys just add so much drama to our lives. And also, you'll get to see Tamara and Jake more specifically in the world of music. We decide to dabble back in Jake's music career.

What are you most excited for fans to see from the rest of this season?
I'm most excited for fans to see an upcoming episode with Sadie [Molly Tarlov] and Tamara. We have this really big storyline where they have to team up to help another character on the show. That was really fun and fans are going to love that. Plus I got to do some physical comedy which is always really fun.

Awkward airs Tuesdays at 10 p.m. on MTV.

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