Cara Delevingne's Famous Eyebrows Disappear! Find Out What Happened at Givenchy's Paris Fashion Week Show

Do you like Cara with or without her trademark brows?

By Emily Popp Sep 29, 2014 7:59 PMTags
Cara Delevingne, Paris Fashion WeekPascal Le Segretain/Getty Images

Cara Delevingne is known for a whole lotta things: making crazy faces, her famous friends, and, of course, being a hugely successful supermodel.

But also at the top of that list? Having the most iconic eyebrows of recent history.

Cara has proved that having some fabulous heavy brows can really help make a name for yourself if you're a model. Put Cara in a crowded New York City subway and we could spot her in an instant, just by looking for her eyebrows.

We've always wondered what Cara would look like without her infamous brows, and luckily for us Givenchy has given us an answer.

Cara walked the Givenchy spring 2015 runway show during Paris Fashion Week on Sunday with what looked like no eyebrows. But don't worry, Riccardo Tisci didn't make her shave off her famous asset.

Instead, Cara's eyebrows appeared to be gone with the help of legendary makeup artist Pat McGrath. All of the Givenchy models bleached their brows, giving them an odd but alluring beauty look.

The whole no-eyebrows thing is giving us flashes of Marc Jacobs fall 2014. You might recall that last season Jacobs had his models walk down the runway wearing matching bob wigs and bleached brows.

But what is probably most shocking of all about the Givenchy show is that even without her most signature eyebrows, Cara still looks utterly stunning. Proving you can bleach her brows, but you can't bleach her talent for killing it on the runway.

Which do you prefer: Cara with her famous eyebrows or without?