George Clooney Wedding Countdown: Details About His Bachelor Party, Plus Photos!

The 53-year-old actor is set to wed Amal Alamuddin, 36, on Saturday, Sept. 27

By Senta Scarborough, Corinne Heller Sep 27, 2014 4:24 PMTags
George Clooney, Clooney Wedding, Stag DoPierre Teyssot/AFP/Getty Images

Friday marked George Clooney's last night as a bachelor!

The 53-year-old partied with seven friends, including Rande GerberCindy Crawford's husband, at the Da Ivo restaurant in Venice, Italy, where he is set to wed Amal Alamuddin on Saturday. She celebrated with her friends at a bachelorette party, or hen party.

Her husband-to-be and his friends arrived at his bachelor party, also known as a stag party, around 11 p.m. as fans cheered from an adjacent bridge. They surprised the restaurant owner, Giovanni Fracassi, who had not expected the actor. Clooney kissed the man's wife upon arrival. 

"it was a very intense night, it was unexpected," Fracassi told E! News. "He just called and said shortly beforehand, 'I want to come over.'"

Fracassi then asked several diners to move elsewhere inside the 37-seat venue as the group arrived and was seen putting up red and white polka dot tablecloths on the tables and screens on the windows to protect their privacy, a source said.

"It was amazing, he looked so happy and relaxed," one of the clients told E! News about Clooney. "He had exactly the same [meal] we had—starters with crab-stuffed zucchini flowers and fresh figs with baby shrimp. And then a selection of tortellini with black truffle and also risotto with porcini, chiodini and inferli mushrooms."

"I can tell you it was an amazing experience," the person added. "Some of the other clients tried to get an autograph, but his right-hand man told them that it was a really special night and that maybe they could ask again in the next few days when he was in Venice."


And of course, there were copious amounts of alcohol. Clooney's group arrived with three tequila bottles from his Casamigos label and also enjoyed wine–magnum Sassicaia 2010 vintage red, E! News has learned.

"He clearly looked as if he had been celebrating all day but there was no sign of the usual madness associated with a bachelor party," the client added. "Just lots of happiness, a relaxed group that looked as if they were celebrating with people they were really close to and cared about."

"He came in and it was clear it was a special place for him. He kissed the owners' wife on the cheek. Like old friends," another source told E! News. "I heard him talk to the owners as if they were family. The other clients, who had finished dinner, since it was 11 pm when they came in, refused to leave, it was so funny. You could clearly see it was a well-known place for him. He even wandered into the kitchen greeting everyone!"

The actor even autographed a wine bottle, writing, "Grazie, thank you for another perfect night. George Clooney." It is now displayed at the restaurant, along with other celebrity memorabilia, such as a photo of Elton John with the staff.

And what better way to end a fantastic bachelor party than with ice cream? After several hours, Clooney and his pals headed out and got themselves chocolate-coated Tuscan mint ice cream treats.

"We do wish him all the happiness in the world," the owner's wife said, about the actor and Alamuddin. "They are a really lovely couple."