Skeleton Twins


This is painful, but also hilarious.

Daybreak's Chris Parente conducted an interview with two of our favorite Saturday Night Live alums Kristen Wiig and Bill Hader to promote their film The Skeleton Twins (out in theaters now) via live satellite, and it began just fine. The Denver reporter, who was fired up and full of that on-camera energy, started by asking the pair to explain what the movie is about. Fair question.

"It's a story about a brother and sister who are estranged and then trying to mend the past," Hader said. Wiig continued, "Yeah, it's kind of a drama with comedic moments."

Hader added, "Yeah, we thought we made this really sweet drama then when it played at Sundance, people were laughing a lot and there was big applause breaks and all this stuff, so it was a big crowd pleaser, which we were surprised by. But it's a very sweet, very honest movie about two people trying to get into tune."

Yeah, all of that was great, but then things went left really quick when Parente decided to ask Wiig, "Kristen, I am thinking, on this program, doing the news completely full-frontal, completely nude. Do you recommend that? Do you have advice for going nude?"

Um, what?! The Bridesmaids star gave a very confused facial expression and repeated the question to confirm if that was actually what he said, while Hader and his cocked eyebrows seemed thoroughly amused.

Sensing their puzzled reactions, Parente tried to explain where the question came from by saying, "You do it in the film!" But instead, what he ultimately did was reveal that he never watched The Skeleton Twins prior to this interview and had no idea what happens in this movie, because Wiig does not go full-frontal in it (however, she does show all of her bod in Welcome to Me, which is what he was mistaking it for).

"Not this film. That's a different movie," she said.

The trio got a good laugh from the entire thing (although, we're guessing Parente's chuckles were out of embarrassment), and they continued to jokingly banter about what does not happen in this flick before the two stars openly say that Chris clearly didn't watch it.

See the awkwardness unfold in all its glory below.

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