Victoria Beckham

Courtesy Victoria Beckham/Getty Image

Victoria Beckham is synonymous with sophisticated and chic, so we when she opened her first flagship boutique in London this week, we expected it to be utterly refined and perfect—just like her.

In fact, the 40-year-old designer and mother is so committed to creating a gorgeous, upscale atmosphere in her store, that she isn't allowing any cash registers on account of them being too unsightly.

Beckham explained to WWD that instead of "ugly" cash registers being used in the store, transactions would be made on iPads only. No cash register eye sores in sight.

Victoria Beckham

Courtesy Victoria Beckham

The whole no ugly register thing definitely fits in with the vibe of her boutique; the 6,040-square-foot Dover Street shop is pretty sparse, sleek and futuristic. And the idea of not using cash registers may seem a little "uppity," but it's nothing new. Take any Apple store, for example.

When it comes to creating a chic aesthetic, Victoria Beckham is the queen. She delivered a gorgeous collection this season for New York Fashion Week to rave reviews.

And so if she wants to ban cash registers, then we say, do your thing, Ms. Beckham. Not that we can afford to ring up any transactions at her store anytime soon, anyway! 

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