Floyd Mayweather


If you've got it, flaunt it and...sleep with it?

Floyd Mayweather Jr. shared on his Instagram page late on Thursday a pic of himself lying half-naked in bed, holding what appears to be a smartphone, in front of at least 13 huge stacks of cash, each worth $10,000 and made up of several smaller stacks of $100 bills, bound together with rubber bands. A $500 note also rests against his arm.

"Help me out with a caption," tweeted the 37-year-old champion boxer, who is the highest-paid athlete in the world and who has shared photos of his money on social media many times.

It's unclear if Mayweather withdrew the cash or was given it directly as payment. And it's small change for the boxing champion, who earns millions of dollars from pay-per-view fights. In August, after being mocked publicly by rapper 50 Cent over his reading capabilities as part of a parody of the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge viral campaign, he shared on his Twitter page photos of checks for sums so enormous that no bank would likely accept them as a mobile deposit.

50 Cent and Mayweather co-founded the Money Team promotion company; the rapper left the group in 2012. The organization is described as "a lifestyle born out of hard work and dedication inspired by Floyd Mayweather Jr." and currently includes the likes of Justin Bieber, rapper Machine Gun Kelly and football player Chad Johnson, former Chad Ochocinco.

Check out past photos of Mayweather flaunting his wealth on social media.

In June, he posted this photo, saying, "There's no salary cap on my roster."

In April, he shared this pic on Instagram.

"@thatjessilee and @badmedina are playing a game, to see who can count to a $100,000 the fastest," he wrote. "This is what they do when they get bored. #TheMoneyTeam #FollowBeautifulLadies."

Here is a money pic from January.

"Sitting back on that G450 private jet counting that new blue face Monopoly money. #christianlouboutin #audemarspiguet #burberry #louisvuitton," he wrote in November alongside this photo.

"Might as well say cheese for the picture @theharlemhotboy," Mayweather said in October 2013.

In February 2013, he posted this money pic, which also shows a diamond watch, "Time is money."

Even his birthday cake that year was decorated to look like a $1,000 bill, with his photo on it.

"Thank you to my Showtime family and #TheMoneyTeam for my wonderful cake," he said.

Also in 2013, he found a creative way to display his iPod earphones.

"Money is music to my ears," he said.

In 2010, Mayweather likely made a bank teller contact a supervisor for assistance, as seen in this Facebook photo.

Money also helps Mayweather pass the time during flights.

And he's not partial to U.S. currency, either.

Mayweather, the son of a boxer, was born in Michigan and grew up in New Jersey. He told USA Today in 2013, "I feel like I beat all odds being where I am today with my mother [Deborah Orr] being on drugs, my father going to prison [for drug trafficking], no stable home. At one time, (we) stayed in New Brunswick, N.J., (with) seven people in one bedroom."

In June, Forbes reported that the boxing champion earned at least $105 million over the past year.

"Started from the bottom now we here," Mayweather had said in March 2013, alongside a pic of thousands of dollars' worth of cash sitting alongside paper food stamp coupons, which were discontinued more than 10 years ago.

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