Wow. That escalated quickly.

On Tuesday night, The Daily Show did a segment about terrorist groups in the Middle East (shown in the clip above), and correspondent Jessica Williams made a joke about a new terrorist super group forming that had "one member each from ISIS, Al Nusra, Al Qaeda, Hamas, One Direction, and the Zetas drug cartel."

Most people giggled and chuckled at the satire. Or at the very least they smiled casually.

One Direction fans, however, were livid. And now they are basically asking for Jon Stewart's head on a stick.

Apparently Jessica mentioning One Direction in a bit about terrorists made the fans jump to the conclusion that she was calling member Zayn Malik, who is Muslim, a terrorist.

We repeat: They heard One Direction mentioned in a segment about terrorists, and they took that as The Daily Show labeling Zayn a terrorist.

And now four (that's right, four) top trending topics on Twitter are from One Directions fans leading the charge against the fake news show:


To be clear, no one on The Daily Show actually called Zayn a terrorist, but no one told One Directions fans that:

This person is not only quoting a sentence that Jessica never said, but is using a Supernatural meme to threaten her:

And that basically sums up the Daily Show uproar from One Direction fans: irrational, confusing and littered with misinformation. 

We can maybe understand One Direction fans being upset that The Daily Show lumped their precious boys in with a group of known terrorist organizations, but they are severely reaching when they accuse Jessica of actually calling Zayn a terrorist. And we doubt that the writing staff at The Daily Show could name all the members of One Direction, much less know each of their religious affiliations. Seems like they picked the most popular band on the planet at the moment, and since 'N Sync hasn't been together for a long time (R.I.P.), it was One Direction who got the shout out.

But just so everyone knows: Zayn is an angel sent from heaven, damn it!

We're looking forward to The Daily Show's response to this 1D brouhaha. Also, we hope "1Dbrouhaha" becomes a hashtag on Twitter soon.

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