Does John Mellencamp Want to Reconcile With Meg Ryan? "Nothing's Over 'Til It's Over," Rocker Says

"She's an angel sent to me," the rocker says of the actress

By Zach Johnson Sep 26, 2014 3:30 PMTags
Meg Ryan, John

Meg Ryan may be off the market again, if John Mellencamp has his way.

Two days after the rocker broke his silence about their recent breakup, the 62-year-old appeared on NBC's Today to promote his new album, Plainspoken. While there, Cougar said he's open to reconciling with the '90s rom-com queen. Echoing comments he made on The Howard Stern Show, he said, "Meg's an angel. She's an angel sent to me, and I'm very happy. And, you know, nothing's over 'til it's over."

Ryan, for her part, has yet to speak publicly about their split.

Mellencamp didn't reveal any other details about his romance with Ryan, though he did talk about his evolution in music. "I think it's important to write to the people that you grew up with, not try to be 35," the rocker told Matt Lauer ahead of a performance on Today Friday. "I'm too old to write about girls."

Speaking to Willie Geist, Mellencamp said Plainspoken is "not the kind of record that you want to work out to." The Grammy winner added, "I think you have to make records that are age appropriate, and so you know, I try to write about things that would interest people my age and try not to write about the typical rock things anymore. Try to take a lead from, like, Tennessee Williams or John Steinbeck. What did these guys write about? The American experience. So, that's what I think is on this record."

Mellencamp is touring to support his record, and yes, he covers his old hits.

"I don't do all of 'em, but I always try to rearrange the songs in the fashion of the record that just came out," the "Cherry Bomb" rocker explained. "I'll play those songs but the audience might go, 'What's he playing? Oh, I get it.' What happens is you challenge the guys in the band, you challenge yourself and you challenge the audience. It makes it more of an interesting thing when everybody comes together."

Mellencamp also addressed the origins of his 1982 hit "Jack & Diane," saying, "It was a ditty about two American kids growing up in the heartland, but it was about an interracial relationship between two young people in 1980, [which] is when I wrote that song. It was a different time and I was convinced, through much arguing with the record the last minute, I said, 'OK, he's a football star.'"

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