Anna Faris Congratulates Herself for Marrying Chris Pratt, Then Prank Calls Him With Ellen DeGeneres

Plus, find out if the Mom star wants to have more kids

By Zach Johnson Sep 26, 2014 10:45 AMTags

Anna Faris hit the jackpot when she married Chris Pratt—and she knows it!

"I hope it doesn't sound obnoxious when I say this. Now it's going to sound really obnoxious…I am sorry," she said on The Ellen DeGeneres Show Friday. "I am just really proud of myself because I had great taste." Host Ellen DeGeneres told the Mom star that the comments she made about her husband weren't "obnoxious," adding, "Of course [you should] be proud and happy with who you are with."

"I'm more proud of myself, though, than I am of him," Faris admitted.

"Oh, I see. 'Look at what I got,'" DeGeneres said.  So it's reverse eye candy for you…I see." The comedienne added, "You're a cute couple and you're very affectionate and I love the two of you."

"Thank you," said Faris, 37, who married Pratt, 35, in 2009. "He is a great family man. And I'm so proud of his success and everything, but he's more importantly a great person and he's got a great heart."

The What's Your Number? star also praised this week's Saturday Night Live host for being a "great dad." Are Faris and Pratt planning to give their 2-year-old son a sibling? "We do want more, [but] as everybody here knows, it's really hard," she explained. Jack Pratt has recently started to talk, Faris added. "He's incredibly logical, like I guess all toddlers are when they are learning to talk. So he'll be like, 'The dirt is in the bucket, or 'The flowers are purple.'" DeGeneres said it's "impressive" that he's saying "those things" already, to which the actress replied, "I'm happy that he hasn't started lying yet because that's coming."

"That's coming if he's anything like his Mommy!" Faris added with a laugh.

In the same episode, Faris and DeGeneres decided to prank call Pratt. The plan was for Faris to phone the Guardians of the Galaxy star and pretend that she was in the midst of being arrested. "I'll be playing the part of the cop," DeGeneres said. Before she could make the call, though, her phone started to ring.

After DeGeneres ended that call, they tried Pratt's line.

Watch the clip to see Faris and DeGeneres pull a fast one on the TV star.