Kendra Wilkinson Describes Finding Out About Hank Baskett Cheating Rumor: "I've Come Very Close to Divorcing Him"

Exclusive video: Kendra on Top star opens up to E! News' Giuliana Rancic about marriage drama

By Natalie Finn Sep 26, 2014 1:40 AMTags

This summer has not been easy for Kendra Wilkinson Baskett.

The Kendra on Top star, who just welcomed her second child in May, has opened up to E! News' Giuliana Rancic about her marriage in the wake of rumors that Hank Baskett, her husband of five years, had cheated on her with a transsexual woman.

A person who reportedly passed a polygraph test meant to ensure she wasn't lying about her side of the story.

"I get a call one night, from my agent, and he said to me, ‘Hey Kendra, you know there's a rumor going around, about you and Hank'. The story is about the husband cheating on his wife with a transsexual," Kendra recalled during an exclusive sit-down for the upcoming interview special, Beyond Candid With Giuliana: Kendra Wilkinson Baskett.

"This happened five weeks after giving birth to my daughter, and here we are with our newborn baby, and little Hank, and we get a call saying, ‘Hank cheated on me with a transsexual?' I just laughed about it," the former Girls Next Door star continued, remembering the details of what ended up being a life-altering day.

Moreover, Hank was right there next to her when she got the first call, Kendra said.

She asked Hank, "'Did you do something?' And he says no, so I believed him."



Not long after the cheating rumor first made headlines, Kendra started leaving the house without her wedding ring—because she had flushed it down the toilet.

"I went looking for evidence, I found nothing," she told Giuliana, noting that she had also heard about photographs that made the rounds of Hank's jeep supposedly parked outside the woman's apartment.

Asked if the rumor involving a transsexual woman made her feel any differently than it if had been more of a run-of-the-mill story, Kendra said, "It would have been the same feeling, cheating is cheating. I take my wedding rings off, right in front of him. I drop them in the toilet, he's flipping out, and I just flush the rings down the toilet.

"I'm yelling at him, saying, 'Get out of my house!'"

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Kendra further recalled telling Hank—"he's still a great father"—to take their kids to New Mexico with him to get them out of the media glare.

Speaking of which, Kendra also responded to those who have wondered whether she and Hank drummed up some drama for their show's ratings, considering they kept shooting the new season of Kendra on Top throughout the summer.

"I wish we did," she sighed. "It is the most insulting thing out of all this, that people think that this is fake. I would never do this to myself. You know, I would never degrade myself like that."

As for Hank, "Overall he was denying the whole thing. I don't know what to believe. Yes, I'm seriously mad at Hank because I know something happened. I've come very close to divorcing him already."

Watch the clip to hear Kendra tell the story herself, including the steps she took to try and find out the real story.

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