EJ Johnson Shares Huge News Plus Reveals Jonny Drubel's Secret Surgery—See the Shocking #RichKids Finale Recap!

What happens on the finale of #RichKids? Find out!

By Carrie Dilluvio Sep 29, 2014 3:31 AMTags
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On the season two finale of #RichKids of Beverly Hills, things got crazier than ever! So much was revealed and we were on the edge of our seats the whole time!

EJ Johnson's first stop once back in Beverly Hills after his Wyoming adventure was the nail salon with his little sis, Elisa. 

They dish about the drama that went down on the trip, and EJ mentions he's thinking about doing a weight loss surgery, like Jonny Drubel did. Yes, you read that correctly! Jonny had a lap-band weight loss procedure. Then on a lighter note, EJ shares that he's throwing one last summer party, a soul food night! 

Watch: "#RichKids" Drop Weight Loss Bombshell

Over at Morgan Stewart's, she's prepping for a little lunch party with Brendan Fitzpatrick and his mom, Karyn.

Morgan then goes on to explain that in Brendan's case, this is definitely the truth because her and Karyn have an eerie resemblance. 

Then Brendan reveals the real reason they invited Karyn over...

Karyn is totally for it, but Morgan's mom, Susan is the one that's going to be a little harder to get the "ok" from. 

Meanwhile, Dorothy Wang invites her mom, Vivine, over to see her jewelry samples for the very first time! But, she's very nervous because her mother has always been difficult to impress. 

And once she sees the samples...

She loves them! 

And Dorothy shares a childhood memory...

Later, Jonny heads to Morgans to get some things off of his chest. Being in Wyoming and having a breakdown, brought up a load of bad memories and awful feelings and he needs someone to talk to.

Jonny even admits that he was suicidal, but he never wanted his mother to feel like a failure as a parent. He could never imagine her walking downstairs and finding him that way. 

He admits that he's very thankful to have friends like Morgan in his life now and he's happy to get some of this weight lifted off of his chest by opening up to her about it. He adds that he has an upcoming magazine interview about his coming out experience! 

Then, Brendan meets up with Morgan's mom, Susan and they take Baguette for a walk together, because he wants to talk to her about moving in together. 

Susan then explains, "I'm not really fond of her moving in with somebody if there's no future plan. I'm talking as a mother." 

Brendan's reassurance that Morgan and him see a serious future together makes Susan a little more comfortable with the situation. She wasn't "jumping for joy" as Brendan said, but in the end she agreed to the idea. 

Later, it's time for Brendan's big day! It's hair plug time! 

While in the waiting room, Brendan tells Morgan that her mom gave him her blessing on moving forward with buying a house for the two of them to share. 

Watch: Brendan Gets Doped Up For Hair Surgery

Brendan is hopeful that this procedure will work! 

Meanwhile, Jonny is doing an interview about his campaign, "Coming Out Matters." 

The interviewer then asks Jonny to talk about his struggles in high school. He again talks about his bullying and gets very emotional. 

Back at the doctor's office, Brendan's procedure is complete!

Morgan doesn't take the bloody scalp look too well. 

The thought of this procedure not working is something Brendan can't even think about! 

He's more worried about legit problems.

EJ and Morgan then throw a soul food party together to celebrate the end of summer! She also uses the event to tell everyone about her and Brendan's big next step!

But EJ has an announcement too!

All his friends are beyond supportive and just want him to feel happy and healthy!

And even Dorothy has good news! Her dad has agreed to sell her new line of necklaces in his stores! 

The group cheers to summer and cheers to everything they have to celebrate including Morgan and Brendan's next huge step in their relationship! 

And that's a wrap for season 2!

We commend Jonny for being so honest and open about his struggles with depression, and if you or someone you know is experiencing any similar problems, please use the information below.